Welcome to the Fraserburgh Academy School Website.  I hope you find this interesting and informative about our work with our young people in our school community.

The new session is fully underway.  The main priority for the school this year is to revisit our approaches to positive behaviour and ethos, and we will be working with all staff, pupils and partners to revise our behaviour policy, school values and school rules.  Our new pupil leadership structure is an exciting new initiative as it is providing learners with the opportunity to be more involved in decision making processes within the school.  The School Executive, comprising the School Captain and Vice Captains meet with me on a weekly basis to plan pupil leadership opportunities and involvement across all years. We will also be working this year to strengthen links with the local community.

Learning remains at the heart of our school and our mantra continues to be ‘lessons are for learning’, with great emphasis placed on providing engaging learning experiences, focused intervention and effective tracking of progress.  We recognise that what happens in the classroom is key to the success of our students and to the continuation of our upward rise in attainment.  It is where we build knowledge, develop skills and promote positive attitudes to learning.  We have highly qualified staff who provide a supportive and encouraging environment where every child is known and learning flourishes.

This is an exciting year for Fraserburgh Academy and we look forward to working with all our partners in the learning and development of all our young people.


Irene Sharp


NESCol School Links Pupils Update 24th March 2020

Please see latest update as at 24th March 2020 from NESCol for our school links pupils who were attending NESCol courses.

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S3 - Work Placement Suspended

As a result of the current Coronavirus/COVID-19 situation and official advice about taking steps to minimise the risk of infection, the Health & Safety Unit at Aberdeenshire Council – backed by the E&CS Senior Management Team – has advise…

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Skills Development Scotland Latest Information

Due to COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and the closure of the school, Skills Development Scotland cannot deliver career services face to face, but they are still there to help. Your child can contact their Career Coaches –

Elizabeth Bruce, email:- Elizabeth.bruce@sds.co.uk ;



Kirsty Hannon, email: Kirsty.hannon@sds.co.uk


for career information, advice and guidance for school and post school or visit http://www.myworldofwork.co.uk. You can also…

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👩‍🚀 NASA Trip To RGC Friday 20th March 2020 🚀

Unfortunately we have been informed that the scheduled NASA Trip is now going to be postponed until Autumn 2020 due to NASA having issued travel restrictions.

Everyone who has been selected will still be allowed to go when it is resche…

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📖 2018/2019 Exam Results 📖

I bet you didn’t know these six interesting facts about Fraserburgh Academy’s 2018/2019 exam results. Very impressive and worth remembering ….


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