National 5 Art & Design


Broken into 2 units – EXPRESSIVE and DESIGN.

EXPRESSIVE – As with the S3 project, the pupils will complete a series of 3-4 object studies which should cover a variety of media types and techniques. From this 3-4 compositions comprising of these object studies to be completed, again in a variety of formats where possible. And then a final large piece of work to be completed showcasing the pupils best skills in terms of style and media.

DESIGN – As with S3 project, a brief is given or developed and the pupils will produce relevant research studies and inspiration work to develop their ideas from and produce a final piece of work. Depending on the nature of the design project the final outcome can be 2D or 3D – for example graphic design projects for 2D work, body adornment pieces for 3D work.

Each folio is worth 40% of the final grade – the final 20% is made up from a written exam which looks at art study/theory and builds on artists and designers looked at in class.