BGE Art & Design

BGE – Art & Design

Across the whole of S1 and S2 the aim of the Art & Design course is to build on pupils’ ability and confidence in the use of artistic techniques, drawing skills, use of different media, design challenges and develop their creative imaginations and abilities.

Pupils are given the opportunity to explore their artistic skills through a variety of projects and challenges but all focussing on them building up their skills in a confident and creative atmosphere.

Various elements of the art world are covered and pupil will be introduced to artwork as study pieces where they can analyse and evaluate works of art in order to develop a greater understanding of the skill and work that various artists throughout history and modern times have created.


S3 Art & Design

The focus of the S3 course is to prepare pupils in the creation and preparation of a folio of work which all contributes towards a finished final piece of work – similar to National 5.

Further skills and media are all available to be engaged with by the individual pupil but ultimately they will aim to create 2 folios of work – an EXPRESSIVE unit and a DESIGN unit. It will follow the format of N5 but with a slightly reduced quantity of work.

The expressive unit will look at a number of object studies through still life drawings/paintings which are then used to create a number of composition pieces. A final piece is then created with an accompanying evaluation of their work.

The design unit follows a similar path of development – from a brief to research to inspiration sketches which then help to inspire a variety of initial designs and then the final piece.

A variety of theory elements are also covered through the two units of work to further build on the language, terminology and appreciation for art work.