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Gateway to Medicine Programme Applications

The School of Medicine at the University of St Andrews offers a Gateway to Medicine which is a one-year programme taught in the Faculty of Science but with contributions from staff in Medicine.

The purpose of the Gateway to Medicine programme is to promote the uptake of higher education, specifically among those groups that are traditionally under-represented at University. The Gateway programme provides the opportunity for students who have completed S5 and just missed out on the grades required for medicine to study at first year undergraduate level. The Gateway year is an alternative to S6. Pupils who pass the year at an appropriate level and meet the requirements for progression will transfer onto our traditional 6 year A100 Medicine degree programme.

The University of St Andrews is now accepting notes of interest for our Gateway to Medicine programme, for entry in September 2019.

It is designed for students who:

  • Meet some or all of our Widening Participation criteria (please email schools.access@st-andrews.ac.uk to determine eligibility);
  • Have finished their S5 year and have sat the required SQA Highers

I am sure we all hope that pupils achieve the grades they are expecting and we wish them well in their endeavours. However, if things don’t go according to plan those pupils who meet the criteria for the Gateway to Medicine will have a choice to apply to the University of St Andrews for this course instead of entering their S6 year at school. You should be aware that this application is out with UCAS.

Successful applicants to the Gateway to Medicine will take First Year modules in Biology, Chemistry, and one other subject of their choice. They are provided with tutoring, the opportunity to gain work experience and help in preparing for the UKCAT and admissions interviews. Entrants who pass the year at an appropriate level and meet the other requirements for progression will transfer into our BSc (Hons) Medicine degree course in 2020. Pupils are also supported should they choose to apply to other universities for other courses after the completion of their Gateway year.

Please find included a leaflet which gives more information about the programme, the application process, and entrance requirements.

Any pupil who is interested in finding out more about the Gateway to Medicine is asked to note their interest by filling in the attached form and emailing it to schools.access@st-andrews.ac.uk. Pupils will then be contacted on the day the SQA results are released with further information on how to apply to the programme.

Any questions regarding the programme should be emailed to schools.access@st-andrews.ac.uk.




RAF Lossiemouth Cyberfirst Girls Defenders



Please see undernoted information received from RAF Lossiemouth regarding Cyberfirst Girls Defenders.


WHAT?  RAF Lossiemouth is delighted to host a dedicated residential for young women in the region aged 12-15yrs to come and live on camp and participate in the CyberFirst Defenders Course.  They have 40 places to offer and other than the cost of getting to RAF Lossiemouth, the course is entirely free to participants and requires no inputs from school other than getting word out and encouraging students to apply.  Applications are made online https://www.smallpeicetrust.org.uk/courses/girls-defenders-lossiemouth/  by the young person and places will be allocated first come first served so speed is of the essence if schools wish their students to participate.  

WHEN?  Students will arrive at RAF Lossiemouth on Mon 17 Jun at 1800 and be ready to depart midday on Fri 21 Jun 2019.  The term time timings have been selected to enable maximum participation particularly for those young women who have carer or work commitments during holiday periods.  Letters confirming attendance will be provided by RAF Lossiemouth to enable authorised absence as the course meets core curriculum and would represent a work placement standard supporting key growth sectors.  It certainly won’t be a week off!

WHERE?  The students will be accommodated in the Air Cadet Regional Activity Centre a new facility offering modern shared 6 person rooms with their own ensuite bathrooms and will join our Junior Rank personnel dining for breakfast and dinner in the Combined Mess which is like a university refectory.  Lunch will be provided at the training centre.  They will be fully chaperoned by a team of specialist youth engagement workers from the SmallPeiceTrust who are all PVG cleared and experienced at running residential events across the country and on other RAF bases.  The training itself will be delivered within Force Development Squadron where the group will have sole use of the facilities.  In the evening the students will be hosted by RAF Lossiemouth and be given privileged behind the scenes access to this impressive air base and will see the wide varieties of roles undertook on the Station as well as participating in a range of fun social activities.  Where possible, female personnel will host the visits to provide inspirational role models to the young participants.

WHY?  The RAF is partnering with the national CyberFirst programme ( https://www.cyberfirst.ncsc.gov.uk/  ) which aims to nurture young talent and develop the UK’s next generation of cyber professionals.  CyberFirst is sponsored by leading professionals in the world of cyber security (I could say more but they are a secret and I am not allowed to …but follow the link above and all will be clear!).  Cyber security leads for both Police Scotland and Price Waterhouse Cooper plus others will be presenting elements of the course.

HOW?  Each day the students will work with trainers from QA on the CyberFirst Defenders Course which is a hands on practical course working on networked terminals with real life applications.  Each student will have their own terminal for the week;

  • Day 1 – Insecure by Default
  • This day focuses on introducing the students to the Internet of Things and developing their understanding of the evolution of the internet and its use. Students are encouraged to build their own team network.
  • Day 2 – Securing your Devices
  • The focus of this day is on developing an understanding of good practice for securing common devices. Students practice their new-found knowledge by breaking, fixing and securing the devices on their team network.
  • Day 3 – Understanding Networks
  • In this module we look at the wide variety of attackers; who are they and what are their motivations?
  • Day 4 – Securing Yourself
  • The operating system is the interface between the user and the device, making it a valuable target to attackers. In this module we explore how the operating system can be attacked and secured

HOW MUCH?   ITS FREE!!!!!  Yes, not often you hear that but the Royal Air Force are sponsoring this course and covering all costs.  The only cost is getting the students to RAF Lossiemouth.

SO WHAT?  This is a great opportunity for the region with top class training providers and inputs from world renowned businesses inspiring and enthusing young women to the future career potential in cyber security.


Reach Tayside – Dentistry Events 2019


Pupils in the Reach Aberdeen area can sign up to participate in Dentistry events as part of Reach Tayside, based at the University of Aberdeen.

The two following days may be of interest to S4-6 pupils:


  • Explore Dentistry- Friday 14th June (all day event)
  • Careers in Dentistry- Wednesday 19th June (evening event)

Please note that both events are held at the University of Dundee campus.


To take part, pupils should complete the following steps:

  1. Register with Reach Aberdeen at www.abdn.ac.uk/reach
  2. Register with Reach Tayside as an associate pupil at https://www.dundee.ac.uk/study/widening-access/in-demand/reach/
  3. Register for the event they would like to attend at https://www.dundee.ac.uk/study/widening-access/in-demand/reach/events/