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Previous Events Attended

CHC Helicopters – Celebration of International Woman’s Day 5th March 2019


On Tuesday 5th March 2019 a group of 17 pupils who are currently studying STEM subjects attended an open day at Robert Gordon’s College in Aberdeen to celebrate International Woman’s Day within the oil and gas industry. The event was run by CHC Helicopters an aviation/engineering business.  Female guest speakers gave presentations as well as provided advice and answered questions that pupils had.  The event highlighted awareness as well as celebrated International Woman’s Day and all pupils gained a greater insight to the careers they could pursue within the industry.




One of the pupils that participated in the event gave her feedback stating “Today was probably one of the most insightful and inspiring days of my school career. As someone interested in this sector it was brilliant to actually be able to speak to other women pursuing careers in all different aspects of engineering. Speaking to women from a variety of companies including Schlumberger, Shell and NATS really sparked a real interest in all of the girls that attended and helped us all gain a better understanding of the careers we can and will pursue in this riveting industry.”