BGE S1-S3 French


S1 French Studio 1 course:

Self: likes/dislikes, describing yourself/others

School: subjects, opinions and reasons, timetable, time, food & drink

Free time: use of social media, sports, hobbies, likes/dislikes


S2 FrenchStudio 2 Vert course:

Media: TV, cinema, reading, social media use, weather and activities

Paris: culture/geography/history, activities, visits – past tense

Identity: personality, friends, music, weekend activities – past tense


S3 FrenchStudio 3 Rouge course:

Social life: social media, opinions, making arrangements/going out, describing a past event, music events

Health: sport, fitness, healthy eating, teenage health

Jobs: job descriptions, language learning, past life experience, future plans, jobs using languages