National 4 French

Our SP courses use a range of materials to provide pupils with the opportunity to build on the four skills acquired at BGE level in Reading, Listening & Talking and Writing as well as skills for learning, life and work.  Pupils will use different media for learning and communication, develop an understanding of how language works and use language to communicate ideas and information.  Covering the four contexts of Society, Learning, Employability and Culture, they will increase vocabulary and grammar knowledge, develop communication/presentation skills and cultural awareness to enhance their understanding and enjoyment of other cultures and of their own global citizenship, providing insights into other ways of thinking and other views of the world.

N4 French

Units: Understanding Language, Using Language

Course Assessments Overview: Pupils will be assessed in the 4 capacities over the 4 contexts above.  A pass in the AVU (Added Value Unit) Language Assignment is also required.  There is no exam for N4 at present as all elements are internally assessed

Key Dates: Pupils will be assessed when appropriate throughout the course.