Global Rock Challenge 2018





This year’s performance was based on the theme of Adam and Eve and the temptation of the forbidden fruit.


The opening scene introduces us to the Garden of Eden where we see lots of very pretty flowers and food animals.  Adam and Eve are then tempted to eat the apple from the forbidden tree by snakes.  They pick the apple and eat from it; this then creates a scene of darkness where the Garden turns into bad flowers and bad animals.  In the last scene Adam and Eve are banished from the garden.


All pupils gave it their all this year, to create a wonderful performance in which they received 9 awards of excellence.  These ranged from costumes to lighting, video and visual enhancement.


Global rock involved a group of around 70 pupils representing Fraserburgh Academy this year.  Their behaviour, dedication and commitment to the performance are a credit to Fraserburgh as we teachers are very proud of the cast and crew.


Pupils have been excellent in fund raising this year as the whole performance has to be financed by themselves which will cover costs like costumes, make-up, set, buses to the performance etc.


Official photos from this year’s event can be viewed through the undernoted link.


Please also find undernoted a link to a “Behind the scenes” on the day video which Global Rock organisers filmed at this year’s event from AECC.  The video contains footage of pupils from Fraserburgh Academy as well as other participants from other schools.