Modern Languages Summary

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Mrs A Esslemont – Principal Teacher
Mrs K Herbert – teacher
Mrs Rosemary Luz – teacher


Subject Pages:    French German

Study Support – our doors are always open!

Study support sessions are held weekly Wednesdays at lunchtime in F2.2, but the Modern Languages Faculty operates an open door policy. If any pupil S1-6 has any questions or needs any help with either coursework or homework a teacher will be available during lunchtimes in F2.1, F2.2, F2.3, or F2.5.  We are also often available after school.

Additional Information

How do you support a child’s modern language learning if you don’t speak the language yourself?

  •  Show him/her that you value their language learning:  ask about what words / expressions / themes / insights he/she has learned
  • Help develop the habit of daily review: reinforce the message we give in class that daily review / study / reading / listening / pronunciation practice is much more effective and enjoyable than trying to cram for exams.  As we say, “little & often” is the key to success!  Listening and reading practice is on the Glow class pages.
  • Track his/her progress:
    • On com have your child login and go to Settings > Progress Sharing, then enter your email address and click “join classroom”. You will receive weekly updates on lessons and points earned.
    • On com you can create your own free account and then follow your child as a “mempal” to be able to see his/her progress.

For parents of Senior Phase Pupils:

In addition to the tips above, please reinforce that daily review and study as directed by his/her teacher is essential!