NESCOL (North East Scotland College)

NESCOL Skills Development Scotland (SDS) Contacts

Are you a student at NESCOL Aberdeen/Fraserburgh Campus and need Careers/Employability Advice? Then contact:-

NESCOL, Fraserburgh Campus
Eleanor Smith, Careers Coach, Skills Development Scotland (SDS)

NESCOL, Aberdeen Campus
Margaret Arrieta Rosado, Careers Coach, Skills Development Scotland (SDS)


Foundation Apprenticeships Update



Great News for Foundation Apprenticeship students!

This table shows how Scottish Universities and Colleges see the new FAs as a HUGELY beneficial part of getting accepted.

Great to know that you are getting skills, getting work experience AND getting ahead of the rest for Uni or College courses!

So which will be YOUR Foundation Apprenticeship?

Reminder – Fraserburgh Academy is the Number 1 school in Aberdeenshire for Foundation Apprenticeships.

Through our NESCOL partnership we are getting more Apprentices on to more courses than anyone else!