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If your child attends a secondary school, they will be given a daily credit allowance to be used in the school dining hall at lunchtime. The credit allowance is the equivalent value of a two-course meal. This automatically goes onto a pupil’s account at the start of each day. Any sum remaining after the lunch period is removed.

Children are eligible for free school meals if their parents (or carers) are in receipt of a qualifying benefit.

The qualifying benefits and allowances are:

Income Support (IS)
Income Based Job Seekers Allowance (JSA)
Pension Credit (Guarantee Credit)
Any income related element of Employment Support Allowance
Child Tax Credit (CTC), but not Working Tax Credit (WTC), and have an income of less than £18,725
Both Child Tax Credit and Working Tax Credit with an income of less than £8,717
Support under Part VI of the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999
Universal Credit with a monthly net pay from your employer of less than £726 (this is based on your actual net pay, not the figure determined by Universal Credit)
If you are 16-18 years old and receive any of the above qualifying benefits in your own right, you can apply for free school meals.

To apply:…

Please contact us on: if you are not already in receipt of FSM & would like assistance to complete your application.

Here are our intrepid S1 Lego League team leaving for the national final in Harrogate tomorrow.   We wish them all the best.

S2 reports have now been released through parents portal.

National Holiday 8 May 2023

On Saturday 6th May 2023, His Majesty King Charles III will be crowned at a ceremony in Westminster Abbey.  A national holiday on 8 May 2023 has been agreed by the UK and Scottish Government and as such, services including schools will be closed on that day. 

Understanding options available after school (SDS) for parents and carers secondary pupils, Thursday 10th November 6.30pm

Skills Development Scotland careers advisers are hosting a webinar for parents and carers of secondary pupils on 10 Nov at 6:30pm to discuss the options available to young people when they leave secondary school, and resources and support available from Skills Development Scotland.

Parents and carers can register for our session here:


On Tuesday 11th of October, our senior executive team and two house captains worked collaboratively with Mintlaw Academy and Peterhead Academy during the Synergy event. Our learners demonstrated their hard work and exciting future plans to improve house ethos during this academic session. They were a credit to Fraserburgh Academy as well as their community and we are looking forward to putting their plans into action this session.

A massive well done to all of those involved. 

Many thanks to all parents, carers, visitors, and all involved in our school open day last night. It was such a positive and busy evening with lots of praise for all the hard work going on at our school each and every day! Well done!

Looking forward to our school open day on Thursday! (04.10.22) Please click on the link for the latest schedule update link for current schedule

Important information regarding parents portal.

Please see below Summer of Fun information from Active Schools

Please see attached letter issued to Parents/carers today 14/06/2022

Kooth Summer Holiday Support Resources

The summer holidays are fast approaching and Kooth want to make sure children and young people know they are still here for them despite schools being closed.

June 2022 – What the Careers Coach will focus on


Access to the Whole Family Wellbeing Fund has gone live in Aberdeenshire. The Whole Family Wellbeing Fund is a Scottish Government initiative to help families overcome challenges before they reach crisis point. The purpose of the funding is to support low-income families who need help to pay for essential items including food, fuel, clothing and any other essential practical items needed in the home.

Who is Eligible?

Anyone who has children (under the age of 18) in their household is eligible for support through the Whole Family Wellbeing Fund if they are on a low income and experiencing financial hardship.

A family does not already need to be known to social work to be eligible. Families can self-refer or can be referred for financial support.

How to apply?

Families can apply directly by contacting Children’s Duty Social Work  either by phone or by visiting a local office. Colleagues can also make a referral with the family’s consent in the same way and the duty social worker will contact the family directly to follow up.


Please read the attached letter re: the Whole Family Wellbeing Fund, a Scottish Government initiative to help families overcome challenges before they reach crisis point.

Family Wellbeing Fund Information Sheet 2022 V3


Please find attached the latest school newsletter which was issued by Xpressions/e-mail to parents & carers today,  Friday 27th May, 2022.

Newsletter 27/05/2022

Platinum Jubilee Family Cycle


Please find attached the latest school newsletter which was issued by Xpressions/e-mail to parents & carers on Friday.

Newsletter 13.05.2022

S1 Reports

S1 Learners were today issued with their school report.  Any learner absent today can collect their report from their Guidance teacher on return to school.


Get results ready with MySQA

MySQA is a direct link to SQA for learners. It lets you view your qualification information, check the personal details SQA hold for you and if you’re sitting exams you can get your results sent by email and text message, great for those who may not be at home on results day. To register for MySQA, you’ll need your Scottish Candidate Number (SCN) and a valid email address. You can find your SCN on a previous SQA certificate, if you don’t have a SQA certificate, speak to your school or college, call SQA on 0345 279 1000 or complete SQA’s Candidate Enquiry Form

Calling all  Fraserburgh champions!

We are holding a champions parade as part of Fraserburgh’s platinum jubilee celebrations on Saturday 4th June from 1pm. 

If you have been presented, achieved or won an award of any kind then please get in touch with us and join the parade!

It’s for all ages and all are welcome, this parade is for you all!

There will also be an all age costume parade following on behind the champions where royalty is the theme. We’d love to see all the kings, Queens, Prince and Princesses of all kinds join in the fun. Even Dukes and Duchesses are welcome!

All you need to do is contact either Ainsley Dyga on 01346518715 (shop hours) or pop in past R&S Dygas or pop in and see Jay at Unique Jewels to put down your name, it’s as simple as that. 

Numbers to be confirmed by Monday 23rd May at the latest. 

Skills Development Scotland

Updated information from Skills Development Scotland during the month of May

May 2022 – Facebook and Webpage post(a)

Exam stress and study support

Please find below a link to some resources which have been collated around study support and coping with exam stress.

Exam stress and study support | (

Next Steps Opportunities, Information and Advice – dated 21st April 2022

Next Steps Opportunities Information and Advice – dated 21st April 2022

Careers Coach, Skills Development Scotland


On Friday 22/4/2022, all S4, S5, and S6 learners in school were issued with a copy of their SQA estimate grades and individual exam timetable.  Any learner who did not receive these documents can now collect from their Guidance Teacher.


Please use the 2 attachments below to help you to link records for your pupil, if you have not already done so.

parentsportal Helpful Info. for Parents-Carers 03.2022

My GovScot My Account Helpful Info. for Parents-Carers 03.2022


Please find attached the latest school newsletter which has been issued by Xpressions/e-mail to parents & carers today.

Newsletter term 3 01.04.2022


Please find attached a letter regarding the above which has been translated into various languages.

Updates for families eligible for Free School Meals March 2022 ARABIC

Updates for families eligible for Free School Meals March 2022 ENGLISH

Updates for families eligible for Free School Meals March 2022 LATVIAN

Updates for families eligible for Free School Meals March 2022 LITHUANIAN

Updates for families eligible for Free School Meals March 2022 POLISH

Updates for families eligible for Free School Meals March 2022 ROMANIAN

Updates for families eligible for Free School Meals March 2022 RUSSIAN


This week Mr Buchan delivered an important assembly on the arrangements for the 2021-2022 SQA exams.

A video of this assembly has been published on our YouTube channel and has been added to the Easter Support Wakelet which can be found here:

Please review the SQA information and encourage your child to make use of the study support sessions on offer, the last day for sign up is the 31st of March.

SQA Exams 2022

A letter for all parents and carers as well as all S4, S5 and S6 learners regarding arrangements for the upcoming SQA exams been issued via Xpressions/e-mail and is linked below.  This letter also contains a copy of our school exam timetable.

SQA 2022 – 23.03.2022


Our senior phase leaders worked collaboratively with Peterhead and Mintlaw Academies to look at and share the impactful work that they have done this session in creating a house identity, promoting a positive ethos and demonstrating the values of the school. Their efforts have meant that they have been able to leave their legacy in Fraserburgh Academy as they move onto their positive destinations so next years leaders can continue their hard work.

Fraserdeen S3

Well done to Fraserdeen S3 who, with the assistance of Mr Robertson in the Junction have completed a mural and national flags in the communal area of Fraserburgh’s Fishermen’s Mission that the migrant fishermen use.  The flags are of the various countries that the migrant fishermen who use the Mission originate from- Poland, Sri Lanka, The Philippines, Malaysia, Ghana and India.  Participation in the project has improved the look of the living space and also given the Fraserdeen young people some insight as to the service that the Mission provides to fishermen in their community. This is also in keeping with the theme of “Coastal Environment” that they have been focusing on this academic year. A big thanks to Mrs Robertson for all his help with the project. 


The past year or so has seen the development of a bank of clothing and other essential items in A2 studio. The room is now fully decked out and organised thanks to the combined efforts of many members of staff and pupils, and stocked up thanks to generous donations from the local community. The bank will be open to all pupils on Thursday and Friday lunchtimes moving forward, ensuring that those who need to access it can do so without stigma.

During the festive period in 2020, we were able to give out packages of items such as pyjamas and toiletries to families in need and this is something we would be hoping to do once again in 2022.

A2 Studio opened at lunchtime today with a great turnout from learners. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with your child’s Guidance teacher if you feel that A2 Studio would be of a benefit in any way to you.


Modern Apprenticeship Programme 2022

Advert – MA Bus Admin (Med Sec Team) (Mar 22)

Modern Apprenticeship Programme 2022

MA Advert 22 a

Corbie House Assembly

First House Assembly for two years!  Corbie House Vice Captains give a thought provoking assembly to all Corbie House learners.

Resources for discussing Ukraine situation with children & young people

Please find below a link to resources which have been uploaded to the Educational Psychology Service website to support discussions with children and young people who may have questions or anxieties about the ongoing situation in Ukraine:

Resources to support discussions about events in Ukraine. | (

Senior Phase – S4, S5 & S6 Reports

Senior Tracking Reports have been issued today, please check your email for more details.

Parental Letter Feb 2022 a


Fraserburgh Academy S6 Charities Committee raised an astounding £3019 through bake sales, staff and pupil gunging, fancy dress visits to local primaries, staff versus pupils football matches, (two wins for the staff a tug of war and a very successful teacher fancy dress competition.

Here are the Charities Committee with letters and certificates for thanks from their two chosen charities, Ronald Macdonald House and Reach Across.

Young Persons’ (Under 22s) Free Bus Travel

As you will be aware, the free bus travel for young people (under 22s) in Scotland initiative has been launched and we are looking for your support in encouraging parents to make their applications for this initiative via parentsportal for all children aged 5 to 10 years as this will help alleviate the pressure on the site.

The parentsportal application process is quick and simple and there is a video ‘Parentsportal Free Bus Travel Application’ with step-by-step instructions posted on our Facebook page.   Please note that the online parentsportal application process is the most effective method and will take the parent only a few minutes to complete and it will also provide a swifter response and delivery of the new card.  Once the application has been processed the NEC will be delivered to the child’s home address.

It would be most appreciated if you could encourage all parents of primary school children to apply for the free bus travel initiative using parentsportal and this can be encouraged via any means available to you including your social media pages.

National Entitlement Card info.

Please inform pupils that on receipt of their new cards being delivered to the home address, they then drop them into the designated box at the School Office on arrival at School.

A member of the Catering Staff will pick these up at 9.30am daily to be activated and returned to the pupils as they come into the canteen thereafter.

Lesley Dyker

Area Catering Officer


There appears to be some issues with SQA links regarding their plans for 2022, please access and then from the news section there is a link to details of the recent changes.

P7 Parents Evening

Deputy Headteacher Mrs Whyte takes our P7 Parents through many topics that regularly come up as questions and concerns as young people approach their transition from P7 to S1.

Joining Mrs Whyte are our Guidance teachers, Skills Development Scotland, Community Learning and our Rector Mrs Sharp.

P7 Parents Evening



Thinking about an apprenticeship in the Oil and Gas / Energy Sector?

OGTAP apprenticeships receive industry recognised qualifications, required for technical roles in oil and gas, renewables, and more.

2022 applications are opening soon.

To find out more and register your interest at:

Replacement Scottish National Entitlement Card (NEC)

The NEC Office can no longer order replacement cards for pupils who are under 16 due to the Card System now automatically adding the free travel element as they need consent from parents/carers for the under 16 age group. The parent/carer will need to order the replacements card via Parent’s Portal in order to give their consent for the travel element on the card.

The Card System is now set up in preparation for the Free Travel Scheme for U22’s going live on 31/1/22.  The NEC Office can only order replacement cards for those aged 16 and over as parent/carer consent isn’t required for pupils wanting to have the free travel on the card.

Once a child has a card with the travel element on it, the NEC Office will be able to order future replacements.  Please also keep in mind that cards ordered via Parent’s Portal (cardholders under 16) and online (at for those 16 and over) will be issued to home addresses so pupils will need to have any replacements activated at school canteen for break and lunches.

All pupils should carry an NEC card for buying goods from the canteen.  NEC cards can be topped up online by parents/carers and is the quickest way for pupils to be served in the canteen.

S4, S5 and S6 Assessments

Please see attached letter / link regarding S4, S5 and S6 Assessments due to take place in Jan 2022 – Assessment 2 – Jan 2022

MCR Pathways

The Young Aberdeenshire Talent programme, from MCR Pathways, runs in Fraserburgh Academy and it makes an incredible difference to our pupils each week. Volunteer mentors help young people to build their confidence and think about their future. In addition to this, mentors can develop their own skills too – and build a life-changing friendship.

Our school is looking for people to sign up now and become a mentor – your support would mean the world and be truly valuable. Mentoring meetings are one hour per week in school, during school hours and term time. Anyone over the age of 21 can join and full training is provided.

For more information and to sign up, visit:

For S4/5 students

Mr Walton explains the many opportunities for Growth during your S5 & S6 at Fraserburgh Academy.

Skills Development Scotland and National Parents Forum for Scotland

Skills Development Scotland and National Parents Forum for Scotland are arranging a session on Foundation Apprenticeships for parents and carers on Tuesday 14th December from 7pm-8pm.

This session gives the opportunity to find out about Foundation Apprenticeships including who they’re for, how they work and their benefits. During this one hour session we’ll talk through the value and equivalency of the qualification in terms of SCQF levels and UCAS points. We’ll also share pupil journeys and how Foundation Apprenticeships helped them progress onto a job such as a Modern or Graduate Apprenticeship, college or university. There will also be an opportunity to ask questions at the end.


We are delighted to celebrate the success of 3 of our learners who have recently won internal awards from the Maths Dept. for Excellence.

                                                                                                                                      Alex Dancus S5    

Kara Skakle & Josie Skakle, sisters, both S1

Well done to you all!

Nescol February 2022 Courses & Forthcoming Open Day


Last Friday our S3 GIE cohort took part in a Mock COP26 all morning at NESCol. They were divided into groups, 3 groups of Climate witnesses specialising in Energy, Food & Farming and Transport and the final group of World Leaders. The climate witness had to present their pleas to the World Leaders who had to provide an action plan to tackle climate change that had to be agreed by all!   They all worked fantastic, and for their efforts they will all be awarded with a CREST Award – Discovery Level.

CREST Award – the only national awards to recognise achievement in STEM subjects

Click on the link  for more details:-

Lisa Innes

DYW Coordinator

Minor Injury Units Information

Please see the attached leaflet we have been asked to share by the NHS.

MIU Leaflet

Education & Children’s Services Climate Change & Sustainability Ambitions and Our Future Strategy

As part of Aberdeenshire Council’s Routemap to 2030 the ECS Climate Change and Sustainability Strategy has been developed with the help of pupils and staff across Education and Children’s Services.


progress of Education and Children’s Services Sustainability Strategy can be tracked on Engagement HQ:

Click on the links contained in the ThingLink page to find out about:

• Proposals for strategies around waste, energy and green spaces

• Our ambitions to be achieved by 2025

• How our strategy links to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, Climate Ready Scotland – Second Scottish Climate Change Adaptation Programme and Scotland’s Performance Framework National Outcomes

• A link to our Engagement Hub where we will be developing a space for sharing ideas, information, gathering views through surveys and engagement around sustainability and climate change issues

Aberdeenshire Council now considers the impact on sustainability as part of all decision-making. We record the carbon footprint of all council sites, including schools, and continue to look for ways to reduce this carbon footprint. We are keen to encourage all children and young people to add their ideas to the Ideas Wall in the pupil area to help progress our ECS Climate Change and Sustainability Strategy.

Laurence Findlay

Director of Education and Children’s Services

Aberdeenshire Council

House Points Update

Made with Visme Infographic Maker

SQA Assessment Message for parents/carers

Further to positive feedback from schools, colleges and training providers, SQA have written a message for parents and carers to help clarify the approach to awarding in 2021-22. Please click on the undernoted link to view it.

SQA Message

Updated S2 Assessment Dates Letter 2021-2022

Please find attached a letter regarding a change of dates for the S2 assessments.

Fraserburgh Academy S2 Assessments 2021-22

Assessment Dates 2021-2022

Please see letter detailing assessment dates for all learners at Fraserburgh Academy for session 2021/2022.

Fraserburgh Academy Assessments 2021-22

SP Assessments and SQA Planning

Please find attached letter regarding current plans for S4, S5 and S6 school assessments and SQA planning.

SP Assessments & Planning Letter September 2021

Please see attached Assembly delivered on 23rd September 2021 to all S4, S5 and S6 regarding school assessments and SQA planning.  This Assembly will also be displayed on school display screens until the end of term.

NESCol Update

NESCol are looking forward to welcoming our young people back on campus this week for various school links courses.

Please see attached School Links NESCol Times 2021 – Your “Exclusive Guide to North East Scotland College”

School Links Nescol Times 2021

Senior Executives for Session 2021/2022

We are delighted to introduce our Senior Executives for session 2021/22:

School Captain Iona Strachan, and Vice School Captains Emma Buchan & Josh Strachan.  We wish them well in their new roles.

School Newsletter 27th August 2021

Please find attached latest School Newsletter as at 27th August 2021.

school newsletter 27.08.2021

Home Economics Refurbishment

While our pupils were off enjoying the School Summer Holidays our Home Economics Department was given a full new refurbishment.  Our pupils can now enjoy the light, airy modern surroundings with newly fitted kitchen appliances and apparatus in all the Home Economics rooms.  It is clear to see from some of the photos taken this week that our pupils are enjoying their new cooking environment.


Education Maintenance Allowance (EMA) – Aberdeenshire Council

The application for next session 2021/2022 for EMA is now live via the undernoted link:-

UNICEF Bronze Award

We are delighted to announce that we have achieved the Unicef Bronze Award: Rights Committed.

Free School Meals/Clothing Grant

A free school meal is a school lunch provided free of charge to children from families on a low income.

Children are eligible for free school meals if their parents (or carers) are in receipt of a qualifying benefit.

If you qualify for free school meals you will automatically be awarded a school clothing grant.

Please see the under noted link to check for eligibility & apply.

Free school meals – Aberdeenshire Council

Late Gate


If you are staying in the UK after the 30th June, you must apply for Settled or Pre-Settled Status:

  • To remain legally in the UK.
  • To be able to rent a property and access benefits in the UK
  • To secure employment in the UK
  • To access education and health services in the UK


  • Children who are not UK citizens must be registered as well, even if they were born in the UK.
  • You do not need a National Insurance number to complete your application
  • After 30th June 2021, you may be required to prove that you have at least submitted your application

If you need free of cost help to submit your application for settled or pre-settled status, have questions about your individual circumstances or need additional support to find out about whether the Scheme applies to you, or anyone in your family, please get in touch with GREC:

EU Settlement Scheme – Grampian Regional Equality Council (

Attached are a sample of posters in English and Polish but many more languages are available in the link above.

EUSS Poster-Polish EUSS Poster-English

EUSS Poster-Polish

Sent on behalf of GREC

Parentsportal information

Please see under-noted link for info. on updating your contact details via parentsportal.

ParentsportalUpdateAccountDetailsPostHolidayMessage 26.04.2021

S.H.A.P.E. Initiative

Great news! Our school along with 8 others in the whole of the UK have been selected to Pilot the S.H.A.P.E initiative, please see details below. Massive thanks to Miss Carey and Mr Macmillan for submitting an outstanding application and resulting in a fanta growth opportunity for all our learners in the land of Humanities!!!

SHAPE is a new collective name for Social Sciences, Humanities and the Arts.

There are three core objectives for the SHAPE initiative:

  1. Increase the visibility of SHAPE subjects.
  2. Demonstrate the global relevance of SHAPE subjects.
  3. Enable people to consider themselves as students of SHAPE.

The SHAPE schools programme, which is being supported by the London School of Economics, aims to meet the SHAPE objectives by partnering with schools across the UK. The schools programme will run in the summer term 2021 to pilot a model of training teachers as ambassadors of SHAPE subjects and facilitators of SHAPE learning materials. In recognition of their time commitment each school will be offered a £300 bursary.

Click here to learn more about the schools programme and to fill out an application.

Visit the website and read this article to learn more about SHAPE.

New video for learners- Studying for SQA Qualifications Using SCHOLAR

We are delighted to announce the release of our latest support video for learners. This new resource, “Studying for SQA Qualifications Using SCHOLAR”, has been created to show learners how to use SCHOLAR in their studies as they work towards a National 5, Higher or Advanced Higher qualification. The video is suitable for learners with no prior experience of SCHOLAR, but may also be of benefit to students with summative assessments or exams approaching who may wish to use the interactive course materials and automatically marked, end of topic and end of unit assessments for consolidation and revision.

We would be delighted if you wished to post a link to our video on your school website, or include it in any study support or revision resources issued to learners.

Our new video is available at

Best wishes,

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