BGE Technical Education

BGE – Technical Education

Across First and Second year in the Technical department, pupils will gain experience across 4 primary topics: Graphics, Practical Skills, Engineering & Design. Under each of these they will develop focussed skills which all compliment each other and are further built on as they progress through to S2.


Graphics:                    Computer Aided Design skills starting with producing 3D virtual component parts in S1 and then moving onto assemble multiple parts together in S2 for more complex


Desktop Publishing is covered in the form of brochures and graphics in S1 and then onto packaging design in S2 to compliment the 3D virtual CAD models they produce.

Sketching skills are also developed in the form of engineering style drawings as well as perspective sketching for more 3D effect pieces.


Practical Skills        Wood – S1 pupils manufacture a pot stand which introduces them to basic woodworking skills in the form of measuring, marking out and cutting. In S2 this is taken further

into a small money box product.

Plastic – S1 project introducing pupils to the versatility of plastic as a manufacture material and engaging with other hand tools and machinery in the process.

Metal – S2 pupils work with aluminium to produce keyrings which builds on the measuring and marking skills from their woodwork project but in a different material as well as working with other tools and equipment.


Engineering              Structures – through research and simulations pupils will design, build and test virtual bridges whilst learning about the real-world implications of such large scale projects.

Electronics – through research and interactive circuits pupils will develop knowledge and understanding of commonly used electronic components and learn about how to use them in different arrangements for different tasks.

S2 – currently building on from S1 skills but there are also new projects and challenges being developed for the S2 pupils which would help them develop a richer understanding of the wide field of engineering.


Design                         Design and manufacture is the cornerstone of industry and pupils will learn about the various stages of this across S1 and S2.



S3 Graphic Communication


Further building on the skills developed in S1 and S2, the S3 Graphics course will expand the pupils understanding and ability in the form of high quality engineering CAD drawings, further skill in 3D modelling techniques, freehand/manual sketching, DTP tasks, graphic design and a greater understanding of the role and responsibility that the subject matter plays in today’s society.

Pupils will work towards completing an assignment similar to that of the National 5 final assignment and they should build up the confidence to tackle this as they work through the year.


S3 Practical Craft Skills


Previously, WOOD and METAL based practical work existed as separate subjects but they are now combined for a more rounded and broad experience of skills and knowledge. Completion of a number of small scale wood and metalwork projects will introduce pupils to more complicated techniques not seen in S1 & S2 as well as machining skills in the form of lathe and forge work.

The aim of this course is to allow pupils the opportunity to attempt and build on skills that will help inform their decision to pursue either Wood or Metalwork in the senior phase (or both depending on ability). This will prevent the uncertainty of pupils having previously done S3 wood wanting to pursue N5 metalwork for example. Having experienced both subjects in the same class across the year they will have a greater appreciation for the requirements of both.

Pupils will also complete a written exam in the year which is reflective of the final written exam in N5 which comprises 30% of the overall grade.