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**Booklets for S1-S3 homework are now available on GLOW. Pupils will be shown how and where to access them.  If a paper copy is required please send in a letter to Mrs Williams. **








English as Additional Language Information


Literacy Resource Information

The attached leaflet gives you information on how to access some fantastic texts and resources that can be used to enhance literacy at home. We have also included some reading recommendations from the Health & Wellbeing faculty!


✍️ Creative Writing Competition ✍️

Congratulations to all 86 pupils whose 100-word mini-sagas were chosen from a competition by the Young Writers to be included and published in a new anthology of young people’s work called ‘SOS Sagas: Hunted’, published by Young Writers UK. We are delighted for all our soon-to-be-published authors! Pupils were asked to write a 100-word saga on the theme of hunting or being hunted, and created some fantastic tales and stories about a huge range of subjects, from fox hunting to murder to SAS survival. The school will be buying several copies of the book, but any parents or guardians wishing to purchase one for their child to see their work published may do so from the Young Writers website, and going to ‘Parent Login’.



Senior English Pupils Interactive Learning Experience Sept 2019

Well done to some of our N5, Higher and Advanced Higher pupils who spent the afternoon on Wednesday 18th  September taking part in an interactive learning experience performed by theatre company Visible Fictions. This involved cracking codes and working as a team to piece together clues using books.