Pearl Morrison – Librarian

Carol Colley – Library Assistant

Amanda Waller – Library Assistant


The library is at the heart of Fraserburgh Academy serving the needs of the young people and the staff.  The library is a well-resourced area with over 12,000 items in stock including books, graphic novels, DVDs and Audiobooks.


To found out if the library has the items you want, check our online catalogue:


All Fraserburgh Academy pupils are members of Aberdeenshire Libraries giving them access to the school library, the public library and a fantastic range of services online.  To access some of our online services you’ll need your Borrower number and PIN which is available from the library staff. To see the range of service online including FREE music downloads, FREE eMagazines and much more use the link below:


The library has an ICT suite which can be booked for class use or pupils can access them for work or recreation.  The library is open from 8.30am-4.00pm daily including break and lunch where there is always a member of staff on hand to help.


The staff work in partnership with teaching staff to deliver the Accelerated Reading Programme to our S1 and S2 pupils.  This allows pupils to chose books that are at a suitable level for them then take a quiz on the book they have just read.  The programme is designed to provide challenge without causing frustration allowing them to develop their literacy skills and comprehension as well as encouraging a love of Reading for Pleasure.


The library is a busy vibrant place where pupils can meet friends for a chat, study, play games and feel safe.  There is always something going on for pupils to get involved in!


If you have any questions for comments about the library do not hesitate to contact Pearl Morrison on