Model COP26 Event Success

Congratulations to Chloe May Alexander (6F) who in the October break participated in a model COP26 event organised by Aberdeen University’s School of Biological Sciences Department. Pupils from 14 school across Aberdeenshire and Aberdeen participated in virtual negotiations and voted on resolutions to fix the climate crisis, while acting as real delegates (such as countries and interest groups) who will be attending COP26 in Glasgow.

Chloe did Fraserburgh Academy proud with her calm but firm approach as the leading member of the International Working Group for Indigenous Affairs, negotiating with school teams representing the USA, Great Britain, Brazil and Dutch Shell. Her success in persuading Dutch Shell to agree to vote for the protection of land and sea traditionally occupied by indigenous people was a particular highlight, and her careful preparation was praised by the event organisers. All participants gained a lived understanding of how it feels to have to negotiate about the climate from the position of an actor with a genuine financial or political interest in how the question is settled- a fantastic experience.

Chloe says, “I really enjoyed the real life application of debating skills in a mock up of the up coming COP26 conference. I loved the whole experience; from the different rounds to the different views from other students on the subject at hand.

Doing research and then doing the event itself were a major hoot.”