Meetings & Minutes

Fraserburgh Academy Parent Council
Monday 1st February 2021

1. Attendance
Staff: Irene Sharp, Kevin Buchan, Ed Walton, Edward Carlin, Pamela Whyte, Sarah Washington, Miss Noble, Lesley Muir, Debbie Murray
Parents:  Claire Buchan, Jodi Anderson, Lisa Tait, Lyndsay Gammack, Ian Dyga
Co-opt Members:  John Bruce
Councillor’s: Cllr Doreen Mair, Cllr Charles Buchan, Cllr Brian Topping

2. Apologies None
Leaving Early: Cllr Charles Buchan, Cllr Doreen Mair and Lynsey Gammack

3. Approval of Minutes
Approval: Lynsey Gammack, 2nd Ian Dyga

4. Head Teacher Report

We came back to school in January with a real sense of deja vue as we definitely have been here before.  I am very proud of the way in which the staff team swung into action and have further developed many of our successes from the first lockdown.

Remote Learning
Teachers have been planning for this eventuality and used the first week to complete their plans for remote learning.  We have 2 different systems in place to monitor hour are learners are doing.

The Wellbeing Tracker –   in place last session and monitors learner engagement through the daily registrations messages posted by learners every morning in their registration teams. If a learner does not sign in for a couple of days then we send a message home or the PTG phones home to check all is well.

We also monitor on a daily basis how learners are engaging in lessons and make contact with home if there is a concern in any subject.

Before Christmas 120 learners were issued with their own Chromebook is for their sole use until they leave school, and we are awaiting on delivery of another 92 Chromebooks.  The recipients of these devices were nominated by the School using a set of criteria issued by the Government.  A further 50 Laptops have been issued to learners who do not have access to a suitable device at home.

We surveyed all learners about their learning last week and 27% of BGE learners and 22% of Senior Phase learners took part.

Findings of Survey which was in 2 sections

1st Section – Well Being S1-S3 81% good
S4-S6 70% good
Friendship both said 65% feeling okay
Support S1-S3 79% received
S4-S6 80%

2nd Section – Academic Work
Timetable followed S1-S3 55%
S4-S6 49%
Volume of work right S1-S3 50%
S4-S6 33%

Parents are encouraged to let us know if there is an issue with how their Son or Daughter is getting on with remote learning by calling their Guidance Teacher.

We await the First Minister’s announcement tomorrow about the Scottish Government’s plans for the next stage. It is hoped that we will be able to take some learners back into School after the February mid-term break, and it is highly likely that this will start with pupils in S4-S6 as they are out priority group.

Through out Wellbeing Tracker, see below average learner engagement since we came back in January.

S1 – 87.2%
S2 – 87%
S3 – 82.5%
S4 – 74%
S5 – 89%
S6 – 88.8%

Average for whole school 84.8%

Learning Centre
This is our provision for pupils who have parents or carers who are category 1 or 2 Keyworkers or who are vulnerable and would benefit from being in School.  To date we have 65 Pupils registered but our daily average attendance is usually 35-40 learners. Learners are divided up between the library and a classroom and have their own learning space, laptop and headphones, and are supervised by a team of SLT members, teaching staff, PSW’s, PSA’s and Library Staff.  School day timings have been kept to ensure that learners are able to follow their timetable and meals and snacks are on offer from the canteen.

Risk Assessment
A new version of the Risk Assessment – Version 10 is now available and was shared on Teams this week.

I have been sending a weekly newsletter to parents and carers to keep everyone updated and to sign post the resources and help on offer to everyone.

It is sad that for a second year it looks like our usual comprehensive programme of events will not be able to run this year.  The P7 Parents open evening will run this year as on online event and this is scheduled for Thursday 4th February.

Pamela Whyte – At the moment we are a wee bit ahead of the game in terms of data transfer from Primary Schools.

We will be producing a video to show the Academy Facilities, Staff members, Pupils etc.

Enterprise Day – Virtual online quiz’s

Outdoor event – Hopeful this will still go ahead.

3 day Induction – Live in hope that this will also go ahead even if in smaller groups.

S2 Virtual Options Evening
Created new Website: Gives Advice
: Navigate in finding their path
: Information on College from NESCOL and RGU.
The website also has the options booklet, options form and answers to any questions that parent might have.

We are holding weekly virtual assemblies for the whole school every Monday, Parents also have to option to listen in.  Mostly led by myself but so far the Senior Executive, School Captain, Vice School Captain also taken part.

INSET days
The February mid-term is on Friday 12th Feb and Monday 15th Feb.  Following this the INSET days are on Tuesday 16th and Wednesday 17th.  The School will not be open to any pupils on these days and there will be no online learning.

Charities Week
Total Raised for the RNLI was £2429.16.  Thank you to all staff who contributed in anyway some sacrificed much in the name of raising money. This was a very well-coordinated and organised week and we thank the seniors for their hard work both in School and in out Local Primaries which they visited on Friday.

Last Day of Term
On Friday 18th December, in recognition for the excellent response to the wearing of School Uniform, our Senior Executive organised a Dress Down Day, where all learners were invited to come to school in more casual clothing.  Christmas Jumpers were optional.  As “Payment” for this privilege, all learners and staff were invited to bring an item to school for the Salvation Army Foodbank.


Lucy Whyte- English has taken up a post in Dalkeith
Zelda Mess – English moving to West Coast

These 2 vacancies, along with another moving to the ASL Team have advertised but not yet yielding appropriately qualified teachers.  We currently have 2 part-time English Supply specialists in the faculty along with Mr Walton and Mr Carlin.  We have requested probationers for these posts.

Hannah Penman – Science Department – took up a permanent post of Principal Teacher of Physics and Science at Buckie High School.  Again adverts for this post have not provided any suitably qualified teachers and we have also requested a probationer for next session.
Mr Pep Boffill-Blanch – who held a 2 day PE post has left to set up business a Physical Therapist.
Mrs Kathleen Hepburn and Mrs Jane Ellis retired from their posts as PSA’s after 23 and 20 years respectively.
Miss Susan Smith – Technician Assistant retired after 33 years

Mr Anthony Llewelyn – permanent post within Design and Technology
Mrs Louise Masson – Full time, whole School Technician

SQA Update
Mr Kevin Buchan
At the last meeting only the N5 exams had been cancelled however since then all exams are now cancelled.
All estimates must be evidence based – Physical Evidence about 2-4 pieces.
There will be no prelims.
We are at a bit of a stand still at the moment, but we have been collection evidence since Day 1 in the event of this happening.

Rights Respecting School
What the award is:
Children’s Rights recognised and represented.

Why is the award Important?
4 key areas of impact for young people

  1. Wellbeing
  2. Participation
  3. Relationships
  4. Self-esteem

There are 3 strands to the RRSA
Teaching Pupils about their rights
Teaching and learning through rights – ethos and relationships
Teaching and learning for rights – participation, empowerment and action

The Journey
Bronze – Rights Committed
Silver – Rights Aware
Gold – Rights Respecting.

The journey can take up to 4 years to reach Gold Standard.
Our Next Steps to Reach Bronze
February – Whole Staff, Pupils and Parent Launch
March – Pupil Led steering Group
April/May – Action plan for Silver made
June – Apply for Bronze
Next Session 2021/2022 – Start working on the action place for Silver.


There are various training programs, courses and workshops available for schools hoping to achieve the RRSA.

  • Three full training courses for those leading the RRSA – Bronze/Silver/Gold
  • Tailored support workshops on any targeted areas that we feel we need support with.
  • Free training for all staff working in a RRSA School.

5. Treasure’s Report and Signatures
Current Bank Balance: £9621.47.  This includes the Funding received of £547.20 from Aberdeenshire Council.
Signatories – Jodi Anderson is happy to stay on account.

6. Funding Requests

We have read through the constitution and we don’t need a certain amount of votes depending on member numbers to agree on a funding request, as long as there is a majority vote.
No New Funding Requests at this meeting.

7. A.O.C.B/Questions

Can it please clarified what the SQA are accepting as pieces of evidence and how are the pieces of evidence chosen.
Answer: 2-4 pieces to make a predictive grading.  The pieces must be a level we predict and must come from in-school time, don’t think they will accept anything that has been done during lockdown. This could result in us not holding full prelims but breaking down pass papers into tests and held during class times.

Irene Sharp – Asked if any update on the Signage for the Front of the School
Jodi advised that she is dealing with this matter.  But no update at the moment.

Date of Next Meeting
Monday 22nd March 2021


Fraserburgh Academy Parent Council
Monday 21st September 2020

1. Attendance

Staff: Irene Sharp, Kevin Buchan
Cllr: Cllr Doreen Mair, Cllr Charles Buchan, Cllr Andy Killie
Parents: Karen Abernethy, Claire Buchan, Jodi Anderson, Lisa Tait, Lyndsay Gammack, Ian Dyga
Co-opt Members: Lesley Anderson and John Bruce

2. Apologies Received from: Cllr Brian Topping, Anne McCavannach, Morag Rennie

3. Head Teacher Report
Thank you to Karen Abernethy for being Chair of the Parent Council for the last year, she has been a great support throughout the year.

There are 2 confirmed cases of COVID 19, as a result of this 8 members of staff have been asked to Self-Isolate and 109 pupils.  For some of them their period of isolation ends on the 24/09/2020 and for others it’s the 29/09/2020.

Thoughts are with the 2 confirmed cases and we wish them a full recovery. We have co-operated fully with Grampian NHS Health Protection Team and we take out guidance from them.  Laurence Findlay (Director of Education) is keeping in close contact with myself and the school is receiving a lot of support.

We have increased out Assemblies over the last week and they focus on the 3 rules to keep safe – Social Distancing from and between adults, The wearing of face coverings and regular hand washing and sanitising.  Pupils are adhering well to the rules.  Pupils are also doing well with the new movement around school – The one-way system on the ground floor, using the extra exit doors and also the outdoor corridor.

We currently have enhanced cleaning before, during and after the school day. We have been given additional hours during the day to ensure that all frequently touched surfaces, toilets and bins are cleaned regularly.

We are currently on Version 6 of our risk assessment and the updated version has been posted on the school website.
We are encouraging the use of the catering app.
Majority of pupils and staff have adapted well to the changes, however we do have some that are anxious about the situation and the Senior Leadership Team are working hard to reassure then that everything possible is being done to keep everyone safe and healthy.
We as a School and the Fraserburgh Community must continue to stay alert, flexible and ready for change if the situation arises.

Current School Role is 1131 learners.

We are continuing the fully embrace The Fraserburgh Way, our blueprint for how we want the school to be.  A graphis has been developed which shows the key points of this and is visible all round the school.  Weekly Assemblies for each year group where out 3 words – Ready, Respectful and Safe, our values, routines and phrases are referred to.  At a whole staff meetings, we continue to develop this initiative so we can be more consistent in our messages to pupils.


New Art and Drama department is now in full use.  We do hope to be able in the future to open up these areas for parents and the community to get a chance to view the facilities.  One big bonus is that staff and pupils no longer have to travel down the driveway into the old academy building.

Great response to whole school uniform policy over all the years.  There is only now a small minority not in uniform.  We would like to see more S5/S6 pupils in Blazers and are actively encouraging this.

House Captains and Prefects have now all received their badges and are established within the school.  Our School Captain, Isla Noble and Vice Captains, Rachel Farquhar and Alex-Rae MacArthur have been busy giving assemblies and organising the prefect duties.  They will meet weekly as the Senior Executive with me to work on us moving the school forward.

A Range of extracurricular clubs and activities have been established and it is good to see the healthy uptake for these.

Unfortunately we have been unable to hold out careers fair as per previous years.  We have instead launched a Virtual Careers Fair on Thursday 17/09/2020.  Pupils and Parents can access this by Wakelet Platform which has been emailed to every pupils Glow account.

The purpose of the careers fair is to give pupils the opportunity to find out more information about what Higher and Further Education Providers have to offer and to develop your knowledge on choosing the right pathway through Further/Higher Education and progressing into the workforce.  Information will also be available on how to apply to university via UCAS and SAAS Funding.

We are hoping to possibly have a proper careers fair middle March 2021.

4. SQA Exams

2020 Awards

We had 4 appeals accepted for all learners received staff estimate results.

Unfortunately, there is not a lot to update regarding the current situation with the SQA and next years exam timetable.  At this time the SQA are still planning for a full exam diet.

The Government held a review into to the awards process 2020 and this review – The Priestly Review has still to publish its findings.

Within School, PTF have already been advised to collect exam standard evidence should we be in the position of having to provide estimates again to the SQA and our first set of prelim exams are to commence next week.  This information has been relayed to Senior Learners in their assembly.

5. Treasurers Report

Balance as per last Bank Statement dated 29/11/2019 is £9,074.27.

Transactions since last meeting – Nil

Cheques presented since last meeting – Nil

No Cheques to be signed tonight.

6. A.OC.B

7. Date of Next Meeting
Monday 16th November 2020

8. Closing
Karen Abernethy wanted to Thank everyone for the support she has received while being a member of the Parent Council and especially in the last year as Chair, she also thanked everyone for coming.

Fraserburgh Academy Parent Council AGM
Monday 21st September 2020

1. Sederunt Staff: Irene Sharp, Kevin Buchan
Councillors: Cllr Doreen Mair, Cllr Charles Buchan, Cllr Andy Killie
Parents: Karen Abernethy, Claire Buchan, Jodi Anderson, Lisa Tait, Lyndsay Gammack, Ian Dyga
Co-opt Members: Lesley Anderson and John Bruce

2. Apologies Received from: Cllr Brian Topping, Anne McCavannach, Morag Rennie

3. Approval of Minutes of the AGM on 9th September 2019
    Approved: Karen Abernethy
Seconded: Jodi Anderson

4. Annual Report – Chair
August 2019: the school year started on appositive note with another great set of exam results. The schools excellent results even featured in the local paper.  Irene Sharp was acting Head Teacher at the time.  Morag Rennie and myself attended interviews at Woodhill House on Friday 27/09/2019 for the Head Teacher Position.  We were delighted that Irene Sharp was given the permanent post.  She has made a great start to her career as Head Teacher.  He school was also fully staffed at the time.

Jodi Anderson organised a very successful “Meet and Greet” evening which was held in the Pear Tree Restaurant on Wednesday 02/10/2020.  This was a great opportunity for out new probationers to meet with members of the Parent Council, Councillors and get to know other members of staff.  Thank you, Jodi, for organising this event (such a pity we are unable to have one this year).  Hopefully, Next year this established event can be reinstated.

This year we have been consulted and informed about school exam results, school uniform and the possibility of a blazer being introduced, Pivitol Education Training and how this has led to an update in the school’s Positive Ethos Policy, ongoing building work (we were given a tour of the work already completed) and of the usual on-going staff issues that occurs in a school this size (promotions, leaving for new posts and new staff being employed).  In January, the school was in mourning for Alexander Mackie, a 3rd year pupil who died suddenly.  We also made huge amounts of cups of tea and coffee for parents and teachers at all the parents nights throughout the year.  Thank you to Lynsey Gammack for organising the rota and to all the parents who helped at these evenings.

Then the school year and all out home lives changed dramatically with the arrival of the COVID pandemic.  The school closed on Friday 20th March and the whole country went into lockdown from Tuesday 24th March.  The school continued to educate pupils through various online learning apps. It was a very different way of living and of learning.  We changed from out usual meeting to online Skype meetings.  These were a very successful was of keeping the Parent Council informed of how the school were dealing with online learning, exams, exam results and returning to school.  The school and all staff must be congratulated for the quick change to online learning and the continued hard work and adaptability shown during these times.

I am not at the end of my time on the Parent Council as both my children have left school.  I would like to thank all Parent Council members for all their hard work throughout this year and any previous years they have been attending.  Thank you to Claire Buchan for her excellent minutes and to her and Jodi for being treasurer.  Thank you to all members of the Senior Management Team and other members of staff for making all parents feel welcome and for listening to all our opinions and answering our queries and questions.  Much appreciated.  I would also like to thank all the Councillors for attending our meetings and supporting us with various issues throughout this year and many previous years.  It has been a pleasure working with each and every one of you. I have really enjoyed my time on the Parent Council and this year as Chair.  My last ‘Thank You’ is to Irene Sharpe who has helped make my time as Chair very easy.  She is very approachable, hardworking, shows great empathy to pupils and to issues concerning family life and is always quick to reply to all my emails.  Fraserburgh Academy is a great asset to this community, and I will continue to support it always.

Cllr Charles Buchan – Would like to Thank Karen for all the work she has carried out as her roles in the Parent Council.

5. Treasurers Report
Many Thanks to Sheena Ross at Johnston & Carmichael who has agreed to audit the parent council books, next week.

Cheques written amount total £299.35
The Peartree Coffee House & Bistro – £30 (Voucher)
The Peartree Coffee House & Bistro – £299.35 (Meet & Greet)
Income raised for the year total £0.00
£547.20 Aberdeenshire Council Funding

There are no cheques outstanding
There is still a cash float of £28.10

Bank Balance as of last Bank Statement dated the 29th November 2019 – £9,074.27.  There have been no further transactions (so no new bank statements) since this date.  Treasurer rang Clydesdale Bank today and confirmed this balance.

6. Election of Parent Council

All Parents present to remain on the Parent Council and we will check in regards to Pauline Masson, Louise Masson and Julie Stephen.

Lesley Anderson and John Bruce to remain as Co-opt Members.

Anne McCavannach to remain as staff link.

7. Appointment of Officer Bearers

Chairperson: Jodi Anderson
Nominate: Lynsey Gammack
2nd:Karen Abernethy

Treasurer: Lynsey Gammack
Nominate: Karen Abernethy
2nd: Claire Buchan

Secretary: Claire Buchan
Nominate: Lynsey Gammack
2nd: Jodi Anderson

Minute Secretary – To be appointed at the next meeting

8. A.O.C.B

9. Dates of the next Parent Council meetings

Monday 16th November 2020
Monday 18th January 2021
Monday 22nd March 2021
Monday 17th May 2021
AGM – Monday 13th September 2021

As present these meeting will be done through Skype.

Fraserburgh Academy Parent Council AGM
Monday 9th September 2019

1. Sederunt Staff: Irene Sharp, Kevin Buchan, Anne McCavanagh
Councillors: Doreen Mair
Parents: Morag Rennie, Jodie Anderson, Claire Buchan, Lynsey Gammack, Sergeis Perkuns, Irina Poludnicina, John Bruce and Karen Abernethy.

2. Apologies Received from: Cllr Charles Buchan, Cllr Anne Allan and Lesley Anderson

3. Previous Minutes of AGM on 10th September 2018
Approved: Jodie Anderson
Seconded: Claire Buchan

4. Annual Report – Chair

  • We started the year again with a great set of exam result statistics which confirmed the advances Fraserburgh Academy have made towards pushing attainment further up the school agenda.  All Staff to be congratulated. This year we have been consulted about the on-line booking system for parent’s night, which I think all will agree has been a great success.
  • We have expressed concern about behaviour in the school and received presentations from staff about measures being taken to minimise disruption and plan a better was forward including an enhanced P7-S1 transition.
  • We have also received a presentation about foundation apprenticeships and it was pleasing to see that Fraserburgh Academy is leading the way on this.
  • Laurence Findlay Director of Education and Services kindly agreed to attend our meeting to discuss concerns about staffing; he left us assured that Aberdeenshire Council was working hard to alleviate the shortage.
  • Sadly, we had to say a fond farewell to our Head Teacher David Clark, who has done so much to raise attainment at Fraserburgh Academy, we wished him well in his retirement. We also became involved in the recruitment process for David’s successor and the appointment of Irene Sharp as Acting Head Teacher.  The search for a permanent replacement is ongoing.
  • We also managed to fund Rugby Shirts and Duke of Edinburgh Transport costs and hosted our annual meet & greet for new staff and probationary teachers, a fine bunch of enthusiastic folks they turned out to be.
  • Throughout the year we have made tea in copious quantities for parents’ nights and prize giving evenings, it’s a great way to meet parents and share experiences and keep in touch with the parent forum which we represent.
  • I would like to thank all parent council members for your time and support this year.  Again, this year we are losing members of the parent council and I would like to thank them for their support & help over the last year and wish them and their families well.

5.  Finance – Treasurer

Many Thanks to Sheena Ross at Johnson & Carmichael for auditing the parent council books.  A request for a gift voucher to be purchased as thanks. The end of year income and expenditure account worksheet now requires to be signed off by the Chairperson and Auditor.

Cheques written amount total £1609.92

  • Rugby Shirts – £659.92
  • DofE transport costs – £450.00
  • Sports Day Float – £500.00 (which was then re-deposited).

Income raised for the year total – £0.00
Aberdeenshire Council Funding – £547.00
There are no cheques outstanding.
There is still a cash float of £28.10.
Bank Balance as of last bank statement dated the 1st July 2019 – £8,826.42.

6. Changes to the constitution – survey monkey results

Survey Monkey was put out to all the Parent Forum over the Summer Holidays – We had 35 responses.

Q1. Membership of the FAPC should be increased from 15-21 member?
Yes – 27           No – 8

Q2. Co-opted members of the FAPC should be increased from 4-5 members?
Yes – 25           No – 10

Q3. Office bearers positions should be occupied for no more that 2 years be any single individual?
Yes – 25           No – 10

7. Election of Parent Council

Parents agreed to be on the Parent Council:
Louise Masson, Karen Abernethy, Jodie Anderson, Claire Buchan, Lynsey Gammack, Irina Polundnicina.

Co-opted members:
John Bruce, Lesley Anderson, Anne McCavanah.
Jodie will check with Robert Watson if he would like to remain as a co-opted member.

8. Appointment of Office Bearers

Unfortunately, we were unable to appoint a Chairperson, Karen Abernethy has agreed to chair meetings until a Chairperson is appointed.

Unfortunately, we were unable to appoint a treasurer, Claire Buchan has agreed to carry out this role until a Treasurer is appointed.

Secretary: Karen Abernethy
Proposed – Claire Buchan, 2nd Jodie Anderson

Minutes Secretary: Claire Buchan
Proposed – Karen Abernethy, 2nd Louise Masson

9. A.O.C.B

It was decided that a leaflet explaining what the Parent Council is about be placed on the website and also Facebook and Twitter to try and intise new members.

10. Dates of the next parent council meetings

11th November 2019
27th January 2020
23rd March 2020
15th June 2020
7th September 2020 AGM.

Fraserburgh Academy Parent Council
Monday 18th March 2019


1. PRESENT Staff: David Clark, Kevin Buchan, Irene Sharp, Anne McCavanagh
Councillors: Charles Buchan, Doreen Mair
Parents: Morag Rennie, Jodie Anderson, , Robert Watson, Lynsey Gammack, Karen Abernethy, Pauline Masson
Apologies Received from: Louise Masson, Claire Buchan, Councillor Topping, Councillor Partridge

2. Previous Minutes Approval of minutes from Monday 28th January 2019
Proposed: Jodi Anderson
Seconded: Pauline Masson

3. Matters Arising not on Agenda


4. Treasurers Report

Balance as per last bank statement dated 1st March 2019 is £8,826.42. The only transaction since the last meeting was Aberdeenshire Council funding receipt for £547.20.
Cheques presented since last meeting: NIL
No Cheques to be signed tonight.
We also have committed to funding.
• A defibrillator at a cost of £800 -900 + mnt cost. So this cost needs to be kept in mind when looking at the current balance.
• Netball Dresses £465.12

5. Head teachers Report

• Successful Feb INSET focusing on literacy, numeracy & health & well being and digital literacy.
• Met with some faculty heads to start the discussion about local empowerment across school.
• We had successful probationer interviews and have secured a number of staff.
• Met with the estate team concerning the refurbishment of the academy.
• Met with the principle of Aberdeen University about widening access.
• A number of very successful student events have taken place, S1 science trip to NESCOL, the excellent P7 transition evening, a student led diversity day last week and the S1 Lepra fundraising event.

6. Numeracy & Literacy

• Kevin Buchan reviewed numeracy & literacy based exam from 2017/18
• Numeracy and literacy are down in the last 2 years, especially literacy.
• A difficult staffing environment in the country as a whole is a significant factor.
• Action points discussed as to how school is moving forward with renewed focus to ensure that all students achieve a Nat4/Nat5 in numeracy & literacy based subjects.
• A PT in numeracy/literacy has been appointed.

7. P7 Transition

• Irene Sharp gave update.
• 6th Feb was the first parent event, over 300 parents/careers attended.
• First transition day for student was an enterprise day and was a resounding success with students enthusiastically taking part in activities.
• 224 pupils are starting into S1.
• Next event is a sporting event on 14th May at the running track.


• There were two funding requests.
• First was for ½ funding for a Theatre Company visit providing production & workshops aimed at S1/S2 to support a revamp of the Anti Bullying Policy, this was agreed.
• Second was for generic bus costs to support a wide range of school clubs, Jodi is going to investigate the correct accounting procedure to fund this.
• Kevin Buchan requested that Parent Council provide teas at the Senior Celebration Evening, Lindsey Gammack and Karen Abernethy volunteered, set up at 7pm.
• As previously discussed a consultation about our parent council constitution needs to take place before our next AGM, it was agreed that an absolute limit of 2 years on office bearers should be part of that consultation.

9. Date of Next Meeting Monday 17th June 2019 at 6.30pm.


Fraserburgh Academy Parent Council
Monday 28th January 2019

1. Present Staff: David Clark, Kevin Buchan, Pamela Whyte, Irene Sharp, Ed Walton, Anne McCavanagh
Councillors: Charles Buchan, Brian Topping
Parents: Morag Rennie, Jodie Anderson, Claire Buchan, Robert Watson, Lynsey Gammack, Karen Abernethy, Pauline Masson
Apologies Received from: Louise Masson, Heitor Alves, Lesley Anderson, Caroline Trail.

2. Previous Minutes Approval of minutes from Monday 10 September 2018
Proposed: Karen Abernethy
Seconded: Lynsey Gammack

3. Matters Arising not on Agenda

4. Treasurers Report
Balance as per last bank statement dated 1st October 2018 is £8,279.22. As per last meeting there have been no further bank statements.
Transactions since this date: NIL
Cheques presented since last meeting: NIL
No Cheques to be signed tonight.
We also have committed to funding.
• A defibrillator at a cost of £800 -900 + mnt cost. So this cost needs to be kept in mind when looking at the current balance.
• Netball Dresses £465.12

5. Head teachers Report
• Staffing – we have had a number of new staff join us. These are in English, Spanish, Art, Biology and Business Studies.
• We have just completed a successful senior phase prelim fortnight in preparation for the summer exams.
• The new Aspire out school magazine has been created and is on-line for parents/carers to read.
• Lawrence Findlay, Director of Education visited the school at the beginning of Dec to speak to staff.
• Jim Savage visited the school on the last day of term.
• A number of repairs are being carried out across the school – e.g. outside lights, guttering, cameras and 2 new carpets.
• Robert Watson asked David Clark if he thinks the 10% rise will make a difference in being able to retain staff. The reply was it May Help but there are also other factors that contribute to keeping teachers these are: Workload, Children requiring additional support and then the Lack of promotion.
• Morag Rennie asked about the appeals process and what the protocol is?
SQA has changed the appeals process.
There is now a Clerical & Review, Mark & Review and then Exceptional Circumstances.

6. Transitions
Irene Sharp advised that there has been a review in the P7-S1 Transition. S1 took a long time to settle so the new structure will increase the opportunity for P7 pupils to learn more about the Academy. The new structure is as follows.
• Parent Information Evening
Start of year Wednesday 6th Feb.
All first years will be in uniform from the start.
• Pupil Support Workers Visits WC 11th March
• Moving on Days 4th and 5th March the P7’s will be split with half coming on the 4th and half on the 5th.
• “Transitions 19 Event” 14th May. This may take the line of an enterprise event – Visit Scotland.
• Induction days 14th, 15th & 16th June
Increase in senior buddies looking after the P7.
14th & 15th Will follow their S1 timetable.
16th Performing Arts Festival/Skills Development Scotland Science.
Hoping the Outcome of this new structure will produce a more settled S1 with less anxiety. It will increase the opportunity for P7 to meet key adults in the Academy and also meet their new classmates.
Cllr Topping – Is the enterprise too much. New School and have to develop a business?
Irene Sharp Response – Give the pupils something to focus on work in teams and work together.
Pamela Whyte Response – Adds opportunity to see how pupils mix for class make ups. We have already started working with the Primaries for the class make ups.
Morag Rennie Response – Concentrating on task so may help with social Side and making new friends.

7. Family Learning Updates
We are averaging about 25 parents to a workshop.
We started with 5 members of staff but are now up to 11.
75% of attendees would recommend the workshops to a friend.
All surveys completed rated the workshops as excellent.
Cllr Topping – asked if there was any non-English coaches or encourage to attend these events.
Irene Sharp Response –EAL do after school classes to help parents develop own language skills, we are also trying to encourage EAL’s to become translators.

Parents Evenings: Wed 30th Jan S2
Tues 19th Feb S1
Remarks back from the S3 Parents evening
• The Booking system is excellent.
• Mixed report in the changing of the location
• Science Cramped – could overhear other teachers speaking to parents whilst in the room.

Morag Rennie – Advised that there had been a PTA Chair meeting in Mintlaw last week. Discussing Parental Engagement and also that the s new school for Fraserburgh still in the plan but looking for Money.
Cllr Topping – Asked that it was under his understanding that the Academy PTA were dead against the plane for a new school within the grounds of Fraserburgh Academy.
Morag Rennie Response – We were never dead against, we raised our concerns about the issue and also what the Academy would need back I.E. upgrades.

9. Date of Next meeting Monday 18th March 2019 at 6.30pm.

Fraserburgh Academy Parent Council
Monday 19th November 2018

1. Present Staff: David Clark, Ed Carlin, Ed Walton, Pamela Whyte, Graeme Cowie, Irene Sharp, Anne McCavanagh, Lesley Muir
Parent Members: Morag Rennie, Jodie Anderson, Karen Abernethy, Vicky Irvine, Jenna Mcrobbie, Alison Pearson, Heitor Alves, Claire Buchan, Lynsey Gammack, Lesley Anderson, Louise Masson.
Councillors: Charles Buchan, Brian Topping
Guests: Laurence Findlay.

2. Apologies Received from: Cllr Doreen Mair, Pauline Masson

3. Previous Minutes Approval of minutes from Monday 10 September 2018
Proposed: Jodie Anderson
Seconded: Claire Buchan

4. Report from Laurence Findlay

• Acute shortage in Aberdeenshire.
• At the start of 2018 there were 55.4 vacancies across the 3 clusters (Fraserburgh, Peterhead & Mintlaw) 16 of these were in Fraserburgh.
• Why Shortage – pay
• What can we do?

1. Allocate NQT places
2. Work with agencies, there is a global
Shortage in teachers
3. HR offer further incentives. I.e. housing,
4 Key worker status – low rent properties

All the above have been looked into.
• Morag asked about offering Bursaries for the young to encourage going into teaching. Laurence advised this is being looked into, but what do we offer i.e we will offer you this amount of money but you must stay for a certain amount of years.
• There are 600+ qualified teachers, but are not teaching. Need to make teaching more appealing as the promotion structure is too flat.
• Impact of Brexit – Sharp decrease in people overseas applying for positions as uncertain future, also current staff asking “can we stay” which we are unable to answer.

5. Head Teachers Report
• A successful good practice visit by HMI to the maths dept. in Sept.
• Established a trio of evaluating schools with Mintlaw Academy and Peterhead Academy.
• All faculties have undergone a forensic analysis of exam results and been involved in a data dialogue with the head teacher.
• Staffing update – we have appointed new staff in – 2DHTs, guidance, Biology, Art and English. Additionally appointed internally 3 PTs of Literacy, numeracy and HWB.
• Successful completion of school and house captain interviews.
• Met with the architects about final places for the refurbishment of the school.
• We have a performance review with Vincent Doherty on Thursday.

6. Behaviour
• There is an ethos that if it is a supply teacher then we can misbehave.
• Complex 1st year
• Needs to be a joint responsibility between community and school.
• Irene – Cluster QIO and working as 1st year Depute Head advised that the 1st year are settling in there are maybe about 14 out of 220 that are still having issues. We have been carrying out:
1. Week long process of assemblies
2. Adding Literacy as a subject within their timetable
3. Creating 2 intervention groups: Build Confidence and Self esteem
4. Making sure everyone knows where support can be gained from.
• Pamela advised that they are going to be introducing a new venture called JUNCTION. At the moment there is a suite called E9 Learning Suite this will not change. Venture will be as well as E9. Venture will be for pupils returning from exclusions. Offering catch-up and revision on subjects by ASL staff, PSA staff and partners. Also offer in the future subject specific help is struggling.
• Also need to look into the transition between P7 – S1 possible changing the timetable e.g. moving parents evening from June to Jan.
• Heitor brought up the processing of reporting behaviour: He advised that you receive an email stating your child has received a level 2 but no more information. You then have to contact the school who get in touch with the child’s guidance who then needs to get in touch with the relevant teacher to find out what has happened. This is very time consuming. Can more information not be made available on the email about what specific has happened?
• Also asked should there be a ban on Mobile phones in the classroom. It was advised that there are red and green cards in each classroom. When the card is red NO mobile phones should be used, when card is green mobile phones are allowed.

7. Constitution
• Aberdeenshire council want us to change constitution. At the moment we have 15 members, if more would like to join the forum then we need to organise a vote for members.
We have 2 options:
1. If more would like to join we keep it at a voting process
2. We change the constitution so we can have more members.

• To change the constitution we have to report to the parent forum. The way we could contact the forum is by Survey Monkey or text parents individually.
• Parent council agreed to increase the members to 21 and the co-opted members to 5.

8. Fundraising
• Morag advised that she believes a separate group should be created to deal with fundraising for the Academy, this should not be up to the Parent Council. Secondary schools in general do not do any fundraising
• The parent council receives £400.00 a year from the council but this is to cover the running costs.
• It was decided at the meeting that a fundraising group should be shelved at the moment as there is a healthy bank balance of £8,279.22 as of the 01/10/2018, however we would continue on with sports day.

9. Correspondence
• Jodie advised that there is a Parental engagement document with an attached survey that everyone should have received.

10. AOCB
• S5-S6 Parents Evening – so far no volunteers for the tea’s. Morag advised Parent Council are tasked to make parents welcome and that we need to continue with the teas at parents evenings.
1. Morag will cover 5-6.20pm, Karen will come in straight from her own parents evening at about 6.20pm. Claire advised she would try to come and help.
• S4 Parents evening will be on Thursday 6th Dec, a message will be put on the group chat for volunteers.

Date of next meeting Monday 28th January 2019 at 6:30pm.


Fraserburgh Academy Parent Council
Monday 10 September 2018
Item Comment/Outcome
1. Present Staff: David Clark, Ed Walton, Ed Carlin, Kevin Buchan, Pamela Whyte, Lesley Muir, Anne McCavanagh
Parent Members: Morag Rennie, Robert Watson, Karen Abernethy, Jodie Anderson , Wendy Andrews, Lesley Anderson, Claire Buchan, Pauline Masson, Maree Partridge, Brenda Kinghorn, Hector Alves
Councillors: Charles Buchan, Doreen Mair

2. Apologies Received from: Cllr Beagrie, Cllr Topping, Cllr Hamish Partridge, Julie Stephen, Rhona Davidson, Lynsey Gammack, Louise Masson, Caroline Trail, Fiona McKay, Alia Sutherland,

3. Previous Minutes Approval of minutes from Monday 4 June 2018
Proposed by Morag Rennie
Seconded by Claire Buchan

4. Head Teachers Report • Excellent set of exam results showing 5th year of improvement.• Staffing continues to be very challenging with the back drop of national shortages.
• Education Scotland are visiting the maths department on Wednesday as part of a good practice visit.
• Pam Whyte has been appointed acting DHT during the duration of Craig Swan’s illness.

5. Treasurer’s Report • Balance as per 29th June is £9389.14
• 2 cheques to be signed tonight (£659.92 – Rugby shirts, £450 DofE transport costs).
• Committed to funding of £800-£900 for defibrillator and £465.12 for netball dresses.

6. Exam Results • DHT Kevin Buchan presented information about exam results from May 2018.
• Very positive results, with significant improvements.

7. Communication • Ed Carlin informed the PC that the ASPIRE magazine would return but would be accessible on the website rather than a hard copy being sent home with every child.
• Postal Drop – A leaflet will be created capturing the main successes in school and inform of upcoming events. It will be posted through every door in the cluster.

8. Parent’s Nights • A new electronic booking system will be introduced which will allow parents to book their own appointments for Parent’s Nights.
• The school will open the bookings 3 weeks before the Parent’s nights.

9. AOCB Annual Meet and Greet
• Jodi and Pauline arranging Meet and Greet at the Lighthouse Museum on the 20th of September from 5pm to 7pm. They have invited all Head Teachers and new Teachers from Academy and cluster Primary Schools.

10. Correspondence • Aberdeenshire Council – email informing Parent Council of new constitution which they would like us to use.
• Aberdeenshire Council – email about Scotland’s new action plan for working with parents.
• Connect – yearly membership (insurance) has been paid by Aberdeenshire Council
Date of Next Meeting Monday 19th November 2018 at 6:30pm

Fraserburgh Academy Parent Council
Monday 4 June 2018

1. Present: Staff: David Clark, Ed Walton, Kevin Buchan, Craig Swan, Anne McCavanagh
Parent Members: Morag Rennie, Karen Abernethy, Wendy Andrews, Pauline Masson, Claire Buchan, Alia Sutherland, Fiona McKay, Caroline Trail, Robert Watson

2. Apologies: Received from: Jodie Anderson, Lynsey Gammack, Louise Masson, Rhona Davidson, Maree Partridge, Kathleen Easdale, Councillor Mair, Councillor Topping, Councillor Buchan

3. Previous Minutes:  Approval of minutes from Monday 19 March 2018
Proposed by Pauline Masson and Seconded by Fiona McKay

4. Matters Arising


Casement for Defibrillator has been bought and installed.   Awaiting delivery of actual Defibrillator. Total cost is £1750 (BRG paid £250, Scotmid paid £500, £70 other funding), leaving Parent Council paying balance of £930.

5. Treasurers Report

  • Bank Balance £8900
  • £930 to be paid to school for defibrillator
  • Money to be paid in and out for Sports Day (details at next meeting)
  • Funding Request from Rugby Club – £700 for part payment of strips, 6 x £350 for bus journeys to matches.   Parent Council agreed to pay for strips and 1 bus journey. Totalling £1050.

6. Head Teachers Report

  • Revised architect’s plans have been submitted for refurbishment of the academy and the closure of the annexe.
  • Met with representatives from MRC pathways who will be starting a pilot mentoring programme for targeted pupils next session.
  • The new Director for Education, Lawrence Findlay, visited the school along with HMI David Gregory to speak about work of Northern Alliance. Afterwards Lawrence was given a tour of school.
  • Met with the energy management unit to look at ways of reducing our carbon footprint.
  • A successful exam season drew to a close on Monday 4th
  • Staffing remains challenging for all schools. We have been assigned 6 probationers who will start next session.

7. Curriculum Update

Ed Walton gave a presentation about how the school is tailoring its curriculum due to staffing issues in Broad General Education and changes being made to S4 to S6 (changes to pathways and uptake of college courses).

8. School Uniform

  • Discussed current school uniform.
  • School are to investigate possibility of changing school uniform for start of session to whole school uniform (no dress code)
  • School may require assistance from Parent Council in this matter next session.


Meet and Greet

  • To be arranged by Jodi, Pauline, Fiona and Aliyah
  • Possible date Thursday 20 September

10. Correspondence

  • Email from school library – P7 moving on event. Parent Council to set up table in library at 6:30.
  • Email from Christine McLelland –Parent Council constitution, General Data Protection Act. Wendy to email all Parent Council members to check everyone alright having email address on record.
  • SPTC – name changed to CONNECT

11. Date of Next Meeting

Monday 10th September 2018  at 6:30pm


Fraserburgh Academy Parent Council
Monday 11 September 2017

1. Present Staff: David Clark, Ed Walton, Ed Carlin, Kevin Buchan, Craig Swan
Parent Members: Morag Rennie, Robert Watson, Karen Abernethy, Jodie Anderson , Rhona Davidson, Wendy Andrews, Lesley Anderson, Julie Stephen, Claire Buchan, Lynsey Gammack, Pauline Masson, Louise Masson, Caroline Trail, Fiona McKay, Alia Sutherland, Kathleen Easdale, Yolanda Maquera Tizon, Marice Fabian, Beata Sarnowicz, Maree Partridge
Councillors: Charles Buchan, Brian Topping

2. Apologies Received from: Cllr Beagrie, Cllr Mair, Councillor Allan, Cllr Hamish Partridge,

3. Previous Minutes Approval  Monday 14 June 2017
Proposed by Rhona Davidson
Seconded by Claire Buchan

4. Matters Arising

Annual Meet and Greet
Jodi to arrange Meet and Greet at the Lighthouse Museum on the 26th of September from 5pm to 7pm. She will invite all Head Teachers and new Teachers from Academy and cluster Primary Schools.

New Primary School
No further progress.
Morag to phone Director of Education to enquire about progress.

5. Security of Academy Grounds

• No further progress
• Awaiting Alec Bain to inform school on possible solutions.

6. Head Teachers Report

Positive start to new year – first years settled well.
• 12 new staff
• Craig Swan appointed as Acting DHT

7. Exam Results

• DHT Kevin Buchan presented Seemis information about exam results from May 2017.
• School awaiting official data from Government about exam results – will discuss at November Parent Council meeting.
• Fraserburgh Academy was one of very few schools who met their targets.
• Very positive results, with improvements in all areas.

8. Big Conversation

DHT Kevin Buchan discussed the Aberdeenshire initiative ‘Big Conversation’.
• Main purpose is to increase school’s engagement with parents.
• Online survey for all parents to complete.


Visiting Specialists
• Councillor Buchan is concerned with the Councils proposal to stop the Visiting Specialists Service and deploy the teachers back to Primary or Secondary School.
• It was agreed that this could affect the educational progression in the specialised subjects.
• Morag Rennie to write to Director of Education.

Parents Nights
• Dates to be put on website.
• S5/S6 on Wednesday 22nd November – Morag, Lesley, Louise and Pauline to help with tea/coffee.

10. Correspondence

• Lorna Ross – congratulating S3 pupils on receiving REHIS certificates.
• National Parents Forum – survey – National 4, communication.
• Donna Wilson – invitation to parents who wish to join a group to discuss ‘Big Conversation’

Date of Next Meeting Monday 27th November 2017 at 6:30pm


Fraserburgh Academy Parent Council
Wednesday 7th June 2017

1. Present Parental Involvement Officer – Donna Wilson
Staff: David Clark, Ed Walton, Ed Carlin, Kevin Buchan, Ritchie Burns
Parent Members: Morag Rennie, Robert Watson, Karen Abernethy, Jodie Anderson , Rhona Davidson, Lynsey Gammack, Lesley Anderson, John Bruce, Claire Buchan, Maree Partridge, Wendy Andrews, Victor Sutherland
Councillors: Charles Buchan, Michael Watt, Hamish Partridge

2. Apologies: Anne MacCavanagh, Julie Stephen, Councillor Topping, Vera Raduncheva, Nicola Ingram, Lorna Ross, Beverley Simpson

3. Previous Minutes Approval of minutes from Monday 23rd January 2017
Proposed by Jodi Anderson Seconded by Lesley Anderson

4. Parental Involvement Officer Donna Wilson, Parental Involvement Officer for Aberdeenshire Council introduced herself to Parent Council and informed us of her role and how she could help us as a Parent Council.

5. HT Update • Met with Mark Mitchel and Maxine Booth concerning school estate.
• Appointed Mr Kevin Buchan as substantive Depute Rector
• Appeared before Banff and Buchan area committee to present our attainment from last years examination results.
• Our S1 were all involved in charity work for LEPRA , who raised an impressive £1700.
• We have had S2 talks from Teenage Cancer Trust
• SCORE have been in school explaining the opportunities for our young people – especially S3
• Had 2 very successful moving on days for our P7.
• Have appointed Drama, English, MFL and science teachers over past few weeks.
• Mr Aitken (PT guidance) has been appointed as a DHT in Dumfries and Galloway.
• We are interviewing for 2 principle teachers of guidance next Monday and have a strong leet.
• Maria Walker (director of education) visited us last week and spent over 2 ½ hours meeting with staff. This is part of a series of visits planned in academies across the authority.

6. Fraserburgh Learning Estate • Discussed meeting on 22 February re Proposals for possible changes to Fraserburgh Academy Estate.
• Mr Burns, PE department spoke about the need for improved facilities for PE department (11 a-side pitch, new games hall).
• After voting, it was decided the Parent Council would support the proposal to build a new Primary school on Academy grounds with a few requests for improvements to Academy building and facilities (to be discussed at future meeting on Monday 27th March after Mr Clark has spoken to staff).

7. Pupil Equity Fund • Scottish Government have agreed to provide £120 million to support young people who may have barriers in their learning due to poverty in their household. Fraserburgh Academy have been given £70,000 to spend this year.
• Committee split into 3 groups, led by DHT’s Kevin Buchan, Ed Walton and Ed Carlin, to discuss parents suggestions on how the money could be spent.
• DHT’s to give notes to HT who will collate. He will then discuss all options with staff and a decision will be made.

8. Treasurer Report • Current balance of £9449.20
• Cheque to be made to Aberdeenshire Council to pay for speakers bought on behalf of Global Rock. Jodi queried the payment of Vat of £70. Mr Clark to speak to Mrs Lesley Muir about payment of VAT then Jodi will send cheque to Aberdeenshire Council.

9. Correspondence • NESCOL – request for parent views on courses ran this year.
• SPTC – reminder that we are covered for insurance for fund raising events. Survey for transitions for nursery to P1 and P7 to secondary.
• SQA – survey for S4 and S5 pupils.

10. AOCB Drug Awareness talk on Thursday 23rd March

Date of Next Meeting Monday 27th March @ 6:30pm (to discuss Fraserburgh Learning Estate)
items for agenda – emailed to Wendy Andrew.

Next Parent Council Official meeting: Monday 5th June @ 6:30pm


Fraserburgh Academy Parent Council
Monday 23rd January 2017

1. Present : David Clark, Ed Walton, Ed Carlin, Kevin Buchan, Anne MacCavanagh
Parent Members: Morag Rennie, Robert Watson, Karen Abernethy, Jodie Anderson , Diane Skakle, Lynsey Gammack, Lorna Ross, Vera Raduncheva, Lesley Anderson, Nicola Ingram, Beverley Simpson, John Bruce, Claire Buchan,
Councillors: Charles Buchan, Brian Topping,

2. Apologies Received from: Wendy Andrews , Julie Stephen, Rhona Davidson, Hamish Partridge, Maree Partridge, Dawn Duncan, Victor Sutherland

3. Previous Minutes Approval of minutes from Monday 28 November 2016
Proposed by Jodi Anderson
Seconded by Diane Skakle

4. Matters Arising

Drug Awareness evening – Mr Buchan to meet with police to arrange.

5. HT Update

• At end of November we were visited by local Councillors who visited classrooms and spoke to senior pupils.
• Kevin Buchan has been appointed acting DHT to cover Pauline’s remit. As a result Keira Glen has been appointed acting Principle teacher of guidance.
• Lesley Wilson was appointed principle teacher of Developing the Young Workforce.
• Martin Johnston who is the DYW school and business co-ordinator met with both myself and Lesley Wilson to discuss ways of linking business more directly with the school approach to employability.
• Staffing continues to be challenging – we have secured a permanent geography teacher who starts on January 30th, we have been able to use staff from the college to help support learning in technical and Fiona Cruickshank our QIO will be teaching in the school for 2 days a week to help alleviate cover. We have a number of adverts out at the moment like every other school.

6. Treasurer Report

• Balance as per statement of 27/10/16 is £11,532.50
• Three cheques have been made out to Fraserburgh academy (signed tonight). £500 for food for IDL week, £410 sports leadership level 5 awards, £1173.30 football uniforms.
• Money from xmas fair raffle totalled £86.50. From this money reimbursements of £10 (Maree Partridge tea/coffee etc), £23.40 (Wendy Andrews for raffle books and photocopying for craft fair) and £25 (Jodi Anderson – gift for accountant for books being audited). Jodi Anderson to keep remaining £28.10 for petty cash.

7. Parental Involvement

• Committee split into 3 groups – led by DHT’s Kevin Buchan, Ed Walton and Ed Carlin.
• Discussions included: how parents are involved at the moment; communication between school and home; how effective this communication is.
• DHT’s to give notes to HT who will collate and bring to next meeting.

8. Correspondence

• Childrens Services Consultation email reminder from Donna Wilson.  A link to this consultation was put on the front page of the school website.
• Bob Jones NPFS – email link to National Parent Forum Scotland formal response to the Governance Review
• Copies of invoices emailed from Jennifer Duthie in connection with football strips and sports leadership certification.
• Banff Academy request for information reference building social links with new staff. Chairperson to respond.


Public Engagement meeting scheduled for 22 February about Primary School Proposals (main proposal to build new Primary School on Academy grounds).
Morag to email council asking for proposed plan of new school and to arrange a meeting prior to 22nd February.

Date of Next Meeting Monday 20th March @ 6:30pm
items for agenda – emailed to Wendy Andrew.


Fraserburgh Academy Parent Council
Monday 28th November 2016
1. Present Staff: David Clark, Gordon Young, , Ed Walton, Ed Carlin, Rhona MacDonald, David Forbes, Anne MacCavanagh
Parent Members: Morag Rennie, Robert Watson, Karen Abernethy, Wendy Andrews, Diane Skakle, Julie Stephen, Lynsey Gammack, Maree Partridge, Victor Sutherland, Dawn Duncan,
Councillors: Charles Buchan, Hamish Partridge, Brian Topping

2. Apologies Received from: Jodie Anderson , Vera Raduncheva, Rhona Davidson, Lesley Anderson, Nicola Ingram, Beverley Simpson, John Bruce, Claire Buchan, Lorna Ross
3. Previous Minutes Approval of minutes from Monday 12 September 2016
Proposed by Wendy Andrews
Seconded by Robert Watson
4. Matters Arising                                                     Defibrillator: not sure if council would support maintenance or training. BRG group have already allocated funds for this year. It has been decided to leave this project for time being.

Meet & Greet: was a great success in the lighthouse. It had a busy, purposeful atmosphere.

Library Event: Good feedback from parents who attended – they found it an informative evening.

Chair’s meeting(October): attended by Morag and Vera. Minutes from this meeting will be emailed to all members of Parent Council

5. HT Update • Mrs Buchan has become acting HT at Ellon academy until end of March. Acting replacement interviews will take place on Wednesday.
• Mr Young has been appointed HT of Linaclate school, Benbecula and will start after Christmas.
• Mr Walton has been appointed DHT.
• Mrs Pam Whyte has been appointed guidance teacher.
• Ms Lesley Wilson has been appointed lead for Developing Young Workforce.
• Staffing continue to be challenging, all certificate classes are covered with specialists. We have vacancies in English, Science, Drama and Maths.
• We continue to work with the Gordons School Huntly on peer-led self-evaluation.
• We had a number of attainment interviews with parents and young people during INSET days. These were positive and well received as we established routes for students to get back on track.
• Morgan Broughan (S5) was the top maths student in Scotland based on his advanced Higher performance in the summer. He has been awarded a prize by the Society of Actuarists in Edinburgh.
1. Funding Requests Football Strips
• Mr Forbes has requested 2 new football strips be purchased for 2 of the school squads at a cost of £1021.50. Approved by majority vote
Home Economics Department
• A request for funding for probes, whisks and ramekins costing £104.80 was requested by Home Economics Department. Declined by majority vote
PE Department
• Mr Burns has requested funding for a variety of equipment and clothing totalling £3265.
• It was agreed by a majority vote to fund the Sports Leaders of £410 and the NASSA tops costing £200.
• All other requests were declined – more detail required.

AOCB  New Options System – Consultation • Rhoda MacDonald gave a presentation about the method the school is proposing to collect data about the achievements of every pupil, how it will be presented to parents and pupils and how the school will use this information to raise attainment and give guidance during ‘Choices’ .
• Ed Walton gave a presentation on the proposed New Options System. Main points being the removal of ‘columns’ for choices, a total free choice in all subjects and guidance to pupils about their best subjects to choose (Golden choices) – data being taken from the pupils achievements from S1 and S2 as explained by Rhoda MacDonald above.
• Positive feedback was given by parents about the new proposals.

Correspondence • Scholar – Herriot Watt – information leaflet informing parents how they and their children can access the site and use it to enhance their learning.
National Parent Forum survey – Thanks to all who responded.
Driving Ambition – positive feedback from course S6 were given covering various driving issues.
Aberdeenshire Council consultation open on Developing Childrens Services 2017-2020, link to be put on website and promoted to all.

Drug Awareness   The school will be organising a Parents Information Evening after Christmas

Date of Next Meeting Monday 23rd January @ 6:30pm

Fraserburgh Academy Parent Council
Monday 12th September 2016

1. Present

Staff: David Clark, Gordon Young, Pauline Buchan, Ed Walton, Ed Carlin, Claire McElhinney
Parent Members: Morag Rennie, Robert Watson, Inga Norkiene, Karen Abernethy, Jodie Anderson , Vera Raduncheva, Rhona Davidson, Wendy Andrews, Lesley Anderson, Diane Skakle, Nicola Ingram, Beverley Simpson, John Bruce, Julie Stephen, Claire Buchan, Lynsey Gammack
Councillors: Charles Buchan,

2. Apologies

Received from: Maree Partridge, Victor Sutherland, Lorna Ross, Cllr Hamish Partridge

3. Previous Minutes

Approval of minutes from Monday 21st March 2016
Proposed by Rhona Davidson
Seconded by Jodi Anderson

4.  Highlights from year:
• School show
• Children’s University
• Sports Day
• Prize giving
• Transition Days
• Careers Fair
• Parent Information Evenings
• Work Experience Week for S4

5. Matters Arising


6. HT Update

• Vincent Doherty visited school to review SQA results.
• Fire Officer visited the school for annual fire inspection. Ran a full evacuation and school complemented on the rapid and orderly clearance of the site.
• Ran a successful Careers and Skills fair which saw increased numbers of Parents attend in the evening.
• Met with Phil Gaitor, new rector of the Gordons school about future collaborative work
• A pupil team won the Aberdeenshire Mock Trial event for the first time.

7. Treasurers Report

•  Bank statement – Balance as at 13th June 2016 is £10,510.84
• Books been audited by Sheena Ross of Johnston and Carmichael. Request money to buy flowers/chocolates as a thank you – approved by majority vote.
• Cheques are being signed after meeting for reimbursement of expenses regarding Sports Day totalling £222.59

8. Exam Results

Mr Carlin presented information regarding this year’s exam results.
• Overall there has been an increase of 12% across the school.
• The following measures will be now be put in place:
3 Assessment Cycles (September, December, March)
Standardised Assessments

9. Funding Requests

Global Rock

• A request for 2 independent speakers to be used on rehearsal nights @ £200 each was made by Global Rock. Approved by majority vote

Home Economics Department

• A request for funding for Food Hygiene course for 45 pupils has been made costing £325 total. Approved by majority vote
• A request for funding a defibrillator to be kept in the school has been made costing £847. Further information required before approval given. BRG committee need to be contacted to see if they can assist with funding and Lesley Muir will pursue the feasibility of the project with Aberdeenshire Council.

10. Meet and Greet

Thursday 15th September at 5:00pm in the Lighthouse Museum. Booked for 50 people @ cost of £7.50 per person.

11. Correspondence

Chairperson meeting: Monday 31 October – in Peterhead at 7pm. Morag Rennie and Lesley Anderson to attend

12. AOCB

• Parents Evenings: it has been decided that we will serve the teas in the crush hall for parents. More adult and pupil help will be required.
• Prize Giving – school will be evaluating the present system and making changes where necessary.

Date of Next Meeting Monday 28th November @ 6:30pm




1.   Present David Clark (DC), Gordon Young (GY), Wendy Andrews (WA), Jodi Anderson (JA), Morag Rennie (MR), Lorna Ross (LR), Karen Abernethy (KA), Leslie Anderson (LA), John Bruce (JB), Rhona Davidson (RD), Ruth Garden (RG), Cllr Fiona McRae (FM), Amanda Hollick (AH), Jane Atkins (JA), Dawn Duncan (DD), Maree Partridge (MP), Cllr Hamish Partridge (HP), Rhoda McDonald (RMcD), Julie Stephen (JS),

Apologies Received from; Jodi Anderson, Robert Watson, Steve Garrat, Leanda Denton

2.   Previous Minutes  Approval of Previous Annual General Meeting MinuteS, 15 September 2014

• approved by KA and seconded by LR.

3.   Chair’s Annual Report

Notes from the Chair’s report;

• MR stated that there had been a period of stability in staffing which had been absent for a number of years

• The focus of the parent council has broadened as a result of involvement in consultations about a new reporting system, mobile phone policy, Flame, the shared language initiative and the PE steering group, always with a mind to representing parent’s views.

• Two SPTC training sessions were arranged to which we invited our cluster primary schools and neighbouring Academies. Eleanor Connor as always delivered quality training dealing with’ Involving all Parents’ and ‘Communications’ in easy but thought provoking formats which were beneficial to all.

• The fundraisers did sterling work again at the Craft Fayre and Buttery Morning and due to their efforts and existing funds the Parent Council were able to support educational visits to school, Interdisciplinary learning about Japan, supply IT for the teaching of French and also for the senior study hub and the delivery of Food Hygiene Training. Many Parent Council Members and other volunteers also supported the PE Department as they delivered the first Sport Day at Fraserburgh for a very long time and managed to raise some welcome funds for the PE Dept.

• The Parent Council has again lobbied at National and local levels regarding the Scottish Governments policy on teacher recruitment, Aberdeenshire Council’s allocation of probationary teachers to Fraserburgh Academy and also about local press coverage of North Aberdeenshire education.

• A presence at each parent’s night and transition evening has raised the profile of the Parent Council and says much in a visible way about how the school welcomes parents and the willingness of the school to engage parents as partners.

• As a new school year dawned at Fraserburgh Academy, Parent Council representatives worked closely with Aberdeenshire Council and the School to deliver a bike workshop for 1st year pupils to encourage sustainable transport to school and the use of the bike shelters.
• The final date on our Calendar was the Meet & Greet for new and probationary staff in the area, both from the Academy and cluster primary schools. It is always a pleasure to host this event and welcome these lovely people to Fraserburgh.

• The Chair thanked the members of the Parent Council for their support during the year, in particular Robert Watson, the Parent Council Secretary, for his quiet but wise presence. Steve Garrat, the Parent Council treasurer who keeps all the financials up to date, not an easy job given that spending commitments often take a while to be finalised. Also the principal fundraisers Lorna Ross and Edna Milne who have enthusiastically tackled their role to raise funds for the benefit of all young people at Fraserburgh Academy. Wendy Andrews who has done a great job at creating and keeping a Parent Council web presence up to date and Maree Partridge for establishing a social media presence which has helped the Parent Council reach a wider audience, particularly regarding the sports day event.

• During the year the Chair met with Quality Improvement Officers to discuss the progress of the school. The Chair participates in these interviews with a real sense of responsibility to represent parent’s views whilst hoping that efforts to help the school to engage with parents have had a positive effect. The Chair considers that this is of vital importance for the continuing improvement of the school and emphasised that it must be taken seriously, as it is embedded in the development plan that so impressed inspectors’ 18months ago. The Chair intimated that the challenge for the Parent Council is not only to engage with the school but to take parental engagement out into our communities and to help the school with strategies for providing opportunities to engage with parents. It will take persistence and consistency of message, but parental engagement is important. Engaged parents make a difference to the attainment of their children and the school will be judged by inspectors about how well it engages with parents and also by its attainment statistics.

• The Chair concluded her Report by issuing a rally call for engagement – Ask not what the Parent Council can do for you but what you can do for the Parent Council and the school

4.   TreasurersReport
Treasurer’s Report;

• Copies of the Accounts were circulated but it was emphasised that as of today’s date the Account remained unaudited.

• Balance as of 2014 – £8.996.69
• Balanced Opening Statement No43 31/07/ 2015 – £10,359.29
• Balanced Closing Statement No43 31/07/2015 – £11,773.13
• Expected Balance – £7,662.79
• Projected Current Committed Balance – £4,624.59
5.   Election of Parent Council/Appointment of Office Bearers

Election of Parent Council/Appointment of Office Bearers;

• David Clark invited nominations for Chair of the Parent Council.

• Morag Rennie was nominated by MP and this was seconded by JS.

General discussion took place regarding the capacity of the Parent Council and, whilst it was recorded that 13 parents were in attendance at the AGM, it was suggested that the constitution could be considered for revision at a future date.

The Chair outlined her vision for continuity and succession and the benefits that such a protocol could deliver for the Parent Council, parents, pupils and the school.

Following round table discussion Maree Partridge undertook to adopt a role as informal Vice Chair of the Parent Council.

Robert Watson, in absentia, had outlined to the Chair the specific functions that the Parent Council Secretary has to carry out and wished to make it clear that in no way was the role particularly onerous.

The Chair outlined her hope that some assistance could be sourced from within the Parent Council for the incoming Secretary.

Discussion regarding methods that might assist the role of Secretary took place. Various strategies that had been in place previously were aired and it was suggested that a member of the Parent Council might undertake a role as Minute Secretary. Karen Abernethy kindly offered to fulfil this role.
LR and JS asked if Amanda Hollick might then be prepared to take in hand the role of Secretary. AH agreed to consider the invitation.

JB undertook to act as Minute Secretary for the Meeting of the Parent Council due to take place immediately following the AGM.

It was suggested that Steve Garret may continue in the role of Treasurer but his work situation had evolved and as a consequence Steve had intimated in advance of the meeting his preference to have an involvement in the handover of the post of Parent Council Treasurer

Julie Stephen indicated a willingness to adopt a role in support of the Treasurer.

• LR proposed that Ruth Garden continue with a fund raising role and LA seconded this. WA and JS both offered to have an involvement in any fund raising activities.

• Wendy Andrews expressed her willingness to continue with Parent Council website updates.

• Maree Partridge indicated that the Parent Council Facebook page was set to go ‘live’.
Date of next Parent Council Annual General Meeting –
Monday 12 September 2016, 6.30pm within Fraserburgh Academy.


Fraserburgh Academy Parent Council
Monday 6th June 2016

1.   Present

Staff: David Clark, Gordon Young, Anne McCavanagh, Pauline Buchan, Ed Walton, Rhoda McDonald, Ed Carlin
Parent Members: Morag Rennie, Robert Watson, Karen Abernethy, Jodie Anderson , Dawn-Marie Duncan, Vera Raduncheva, Rhona Davidson, Wendy Andrews, Jayne Atkin, Leslie Anderson
Councillors: Charles Buchan

2.   Apologies Received from: Maree Partridge, Cllr B Topping, Cllr Watt, Ruth Garden, Julie Stephen, Leanda Denton, John Bruce, Victor Sutherland, Lorna Ross, Cllr Hamish Partridge

3.   Previous Minutes Approval of minutes from Monday 21st March 2016
Proposed by Rhona Davidson
Seconded by Jodi Anderson

4.   Matters Arising

• Fraserburgh Re-zoning Public Consultation   An informal consultation meeting was held to discuss re-zoning of Fraserburgh area and the impact it may have on Fraserburgh Academy. The meeting was poorly attended.

• Tyrie Bus Pupils
Aberdeenshire Council Transport Department failed to respond to letter sent by Academy Parent Council.
Tyrie Parent Council has requested a Safety Assessment of the road to be carried out. They are also gathering their own photo and video evidence.

• Maths Department Request
Mrs McCavanagh reported that the new package would work on all tablets and computers if Puffin Web Browser or Adobe Flash was used.

5.   HT Update

• The following appointments have been made;
DHT – Mr Carlin
DHT (0.4) – Mr Walton
PT Social Subjects – Mr MacMillian
PT MFL – Mrs Esslemont
PT HWB – Mr Burns
MFL teacher x 2
English Teacher

• We have been notified of 6 probationers
2 English, 2 Physics, 1 Biology, 1 Computing

• The school has run 3 very successful trips to Manchester, London and Barcelona

• We had a well attended and very successful Sports Day

• Aberdeenshire Chief Executive had a successful visit to the school at the start of May.

6.   Treasurers Report

• Bank statement – Balance as at 1st April 2016 is £9,242.29
• Banked on April 1st: £453.65 representing monies raised by AOG soup/sweet
• Sports Day Profit £1,104.32
• Banked on 30th May 2016: £94.40 (Bags to school cheque)
• Invoice still to be paid for £1.56 for laminating signs for Sports Day.

7.   IDL Request

• Committee organising IDL days requested £500 to help with cost of 2 day event.
• 4 workshops were given to S1 and S2 pupils covering the theme of Global Citizenship – ‘Fair Trade, Water Trade’
• Orchard Media made a video of event which has been entered into the Anne Frank Awards

A majority vote agreed to fund the £500.

8.   Fundraising

• Sports Day on 20 May. A very successful event with an increased number of parents attending.

9.   Strategic Working

Group 20 minute session in working party groups.

10.  Meet and Greet

Lorna Ross has agreed to arrange the Meet and Greet event which will take place on Thursday 8th September 2016.

11.  Correspondence

Children’s University
Maree and Morag were invited to attend Children’s University Graduation Ceremony. Both declined due to work commitments but there will be a few PC parents attending with families.

Achievements in Shire Brochure
Need to get Academy achievements sent to them to publish.
Also agreed that key personnel from local newspapers will be invited to school to encourage them to print stories about Academy achievements.

12.  AOCB
Date of Next Meeting and AGM – Monday 12 September 2016 @ 6:30pm
Wendy to create page for ASPIRE magazine advertising AGM and stating rules about membership of Parent Council and attendance at meetings.


Fraserburgh Academy Parent Council
Monday 21 March 2016

1.     Present

Staff: David Clark, Gordon Young, Anne McCavanagh, Lesley Muir
Parent Members: Morag Rennie, Robert Watson, Karen Abernethy, Jodie Anderson, John Bruce, Dawn Duncan, Vera Radnencheva, Victor Sutherland, Lorna Ross, Rhona Davidson, Wendy Andrews, Jayne Atkins
Councillors: Charles Buchan, Hamish Partridge
Speaker: Craig Clement

2.     Apologies

Received from; Maree Partridge, Cllr B Topping, Cllr F MacRae, Ruth Garden, Julie Stephen, Leanda Denton, Amanda Hollick

3.      Previous Minutes

Approval of minutes from Monday 18th January 2016
Proposed by Jodi Anderson
Seconded by Lorna Ross

4.     Matters Arising      None

5.     Fraserburgh Rezoning Public consultation 2016

• Craig Clemont from Aberdeenshire Council gave an outline of the proposed options for the rezoning of the Primary schools in Fraserburgh. Only 2 out of the 8 options would have a direct impact on Fraserburgh Academy – Option 7a and 7b. Both these options involved building a new school – the proposed site being on Fraserburgh Academy land.
• Next Steps for the Council will be to take the consultation feedback to a committee for the councillors to give their vote. This will then lead to a formal consultation with all stakeholders.
• Mr Craig Clemont left meeting at this point. He stated that he would help draft a letter to parents and set up a meeting. Discussion continued.
• Next Steps for Academy Parent Council – members agreed that all parents needed to be informed of proposed options via letter and informal meeting.

6.       HT Update

• In January I presented a report to Banff and Buchan area Committee about the progress of the school and the national examinations.
• We had a follow up inspection by Ed Scotland at the start of February – the report will be out on 30th March.
• Had a meeting with cluster primary heads concerning the proposed changes to the primary estate in the Fraserburgh Cluster.
• We were asked by Ed Scotland to host 3 Dutch education Inspectors for a morning to look round our school and discuss the inspection process and the journey that the school has gone on.
• Mr Mcluskey has been appointed DHT at Mintlaw and Mr Hawkins as head teacher at Kirkwall grammar.
• We had a very successful moving on event for P7.
• S1 and S2 PSE parental engagement event
• We won the Aberdeenshire heat of the S2 Technology Schools challenge.
• Our team won the North Sound Energy cup
• Took part in a successful school election event
• Health and Wellbeing Sports leaders ran a successful S1 healthy breakfast
• 24 police Scotland Volunteer passed out this month.

7.     Treasurers Report

• The Income and Expenditure balance sheet for the year ending has been altered as requested at the last council meeting to reflect funding from Aberdeenshire Council not Scottish Govt.
• Change of signatories on the account has been made.
• Signatories are now: Morag Rennie, Maree Partridge and Jodi Anderson.
• Address for all bank correspondence changed. All documents are now care of Fraserburgh Academy.
• Morag Rennie and Jodi Anderson had a meeting with Jennifer Duthie from Fraserbugh Academy to clarify the procedure on monies that the Parent Council agrees to pay on requests from school. The school will pay monies agreed upon and then present the treasurer with the receipts for reimbursement.
• On this note a cheque will be issued to the school tonight for £753.65.

8.     Maths Department Request

• On behalf of the Maths department, Anne McCavanagh requested funding for a year’s subscription to an Interactive Maths package ’My Maths’. This would cost 599 + VAT. It can be accessed by all pupils in school or at home.
• It was agreed to fund if package worked on all tablets as well was PC’s.

9.        Fundraising

• Bags to School on Friday 22 April. Drop off bags at pupil entrance to school. Bags picked up at 10 o’clock. Bags will be sent home on 28 March.
• Soup & Sweet at AOG in Queens Street on 31 March from 11 o’clock to half past 2. Helpers needed. Money to Parent Council Fund.
• Sports Day on 20 May. PE department to run the sporting events and Parent Council to organise food and stalls. Same as last year. Meeting to organise event on Monday 18 April @ 6:30 in staffroom.

10.     Feedback from Parent Workshops

• S1, S3 English workshops. S1, S2 and S3 PSE workshops. Children’s University Information Evening.
• All workshops were attended by 15 – 25 parents. They were very informative and well prepared by teaching staff.

11.     Strategic Working
Group See notes below

12.    Correspondence

SPTC – ‘Helping to Improve School’ workshop in Fraserburgh Academy on Wednesday 20 April. All feeder primary school parents to be invited.

13.     AOCB 

Tyrie bus pupils
About 8 bus pupils have to wait on the A98 road for the service bus to take them to school in morning. Parents would prefer them to be picked up nearer home in a minibus.
The School and Parent Council agreed to write a letter to the Transport Department in the Council backing this proposal.
Date of Next Meeting Monday 6 June @ 6:30pm


Fraserburgh Academy Parent Council

Monday 18 January 2016
1.       Present
Staff: David Clark,  Gordon Young, Rhoda McDonald, Pauline Buchan, Gerry McCluskey

Parent Members: Morag Rennie, Robert Watson,  Karen Abernethy, Jodie Anderson, John Bruce, Maree Partridge, Dawn Duncan, Vera Radnencheva, Victor Sutherland, Leanda Denton, Lorna Ross, Steve Garratt, Julie Stephen

Co-opted Members:

Councillors: Charles Buchan, Hamish Partridge

2.       Apologies
Received from; Rhona Davidson, Cllr B Topping, Cllr F MacRae, Wendy Andrews, Jayne Aitkin, Ruth Garden, Anne McCavanagha

3.       Previous Minutes
Approval of minutes from Monday 30th November 2015

Proposed by Jodi Anderson  Seconded by Leanda Denton

4.       Matters Arising

Parent Council Positions

Jodi Anderson has taken up position as Treasurer

Social Media

Social media was used to inform parents/pupils of school closure on Friday 8 January.  Was a great success. Parent followers have now risen from 200 to 502.

Report Cards

Rhoda MacDonald spoke to pupils, parents and staff about new Report Cards.  Pupils and parents are happy with new format.   They find the comments useful but feel they could be more focused. Staff would like to link the comments with unseen assessments (may need to change time of year reports sent home or when assessments are completed).

5.       Pupil Survey
In October the School Captains and Pupil Council ran a Pupil Participation Event.

They asked pupils 30 questions about ‘feedback’

200 pupils answered question

Key issues arising from collation of results:

·         what they have done well in

·         exactly what they can do to improve

·         how they can improve

·         steps to get there

·         don’t be nice – be honest

6.       HT Update
· HMI follow up Inspection Monday 1 February – Wednesday 3rd February (want to meet with parents on Monday 1st February)

· 3rd year exams completed last week – positive feedback from teachers and pupils.

· North Sound Radio – Fraserburgh Academy won North Sound Energy competition.

· Attainment Meetings with Faculty heads completed for term.

· Knife Crime – police assemblies before Christmas

· Staffing  – still continue to look for English, Business, Chemistry and Physics teachers

7.       Treasurers Report
·         Handover from S Garrett to J Anderson has taken place.

·         J Anderson had books audited by Sheena Ross (Johnston and Carmichael) as at 31 August 2015 (amendment to be made – Jodi to arrange)

·         Bank forms to be completed by Morag Rennie, Jodi Anderson and Maree Partridge for adding signatories on the account.

·         Balance: No changes have been made since last meeting, so the current balance as at 30:10:15 is £9718.29.

·         Meeting to be arranged between Jennifer Duthie (staff), Jodie Anderson and Morag Rennie to discuss funds available to school from Parent Council Funds.

8.       Strategic Working

Split into 4 groups to discuss Quality Indicator: Themes, Level 5 Illustration, Features and Challenge Questions.

Aim for tonight was to choose 1 Challenge Question to discuss and investigate.


2.4 Personalised Support (Pauline Buchan)

2.5 Transition (Gerrie McCluskey)

2.6 Family Learning (Gordon Young)

3.1 Ensuring well-being, equality and inclusion (Rhoda McDonald)

9.       Correspondence

National Parent Forum sent letter titled ‘Career Education – A World of Possibilities’ – want to make sure every child has received a copy.

SPTC – running 3 workshops in next 2 months in Inverurie and Westhill.

Morag to arrange a workshop in Fraserburgh .

10.   AOCB

Inspectors meeting – Monday 1 February @ 3pm – Robert Watson, Dawn Duncan, Maree Partridge and Morag Rennie to attend.

Parents Evening – Teas

Tuesday 26 January – S2 – Karen Abernethy, Julie Stephen

Wednesday 24th February – S3 – Maree Partridge, Morag Rennie

Tuesday 8 March – S4 – Dawn Duncan, Jodie Anderson

Change to Parent Council Meeting:

Monday 21 March 2016 & Monday 6 June 2016

Date of Next Meeting

Monday 21 March @ 6:30pm

Fraserburgh Academy Parent Council

Monday 30th November 2015
1.       Present
Staff: David Clark,  Gordon Young, Rhoda McDonald

Parent Members: Morag Rennie, Robert Watson,  Karen Abernethy, Lesley Anderson, Jodie Anderson, John Bruce, Maree Partridge, Dawn Duncan, Vera Radunchevoc, Victor Sutherland, Leanda Denton

Co-opted Members:  Wendy Andrews, Ruth Garden, Anne McCavanagh, Jane Atkins

Councillors: Charles Buchan, Hamish Partridge

2.       Apologies
Received from; Lorna Ross, Steve Garratt, Amanda Hollick, Rhona Davidson, Julie Stephen, Cllr B Topping, Cllr Watt, Cllr F MacRae

3.       Previous Minutes
Approval of minutes from Monday 14th September 2015

(1 amendment – Councillor Buchan was not present – he sent his apologies)

Proposed by Wendy Andrew, Seconded by Maree Partridge

4.       Matters Arising

Parent Council Positions

Secretary – Amanda Hollick has resigned as secretary. Robert Watson willing to continue as secretary until end of session.  Members have been asked to consider taking on role of secretary with Robert’s guidance.

Steve Garratt wishes to resign as Treasurer.   Therefore a new treasurer is required.

Both these posts will be up for nomination before/during January meeting.

Social Media

Maree gave positive feedback about introduction of Facebook and Twitter communications between Parent Council and parents and pupils. Many Curricular Departments are now using Twitter to communicate with pupils.

Maree to start ‘whatsapp’ Parent Council group.   Members wishing to join are to give Maree their mobile numbers.

Report Cards

Rhoda MacDonald to ask children for feedback on new report format and will discuss at next meeting.

5.       HT Update
· Charity week was a great success raising £3649 for ‘Make a Wish Campaign’

· House Captains and Feedback committee surveyed 175 pupils about feedback from teachers.  Results given at next meeting.

· Head Teacher attended a meeting with Banff Academy, Peterhead Academy and Aberdeen University about Widening Participation – Summer School for S6 pupils.  10 places are available.

· Staffing Issues – Teachers required in following departments –Business Studies, English, Physics (awaiting Visa approval), Art.

· Mr Hawkins will be out of school 3 days a week supporting Inverurie Academy.

6.       Treasurers Report
See separate attachment for Treasurer Report

Still a few ‘Awaiting Known Additional Transactions’ but no invoices have been given. Head Teacher to investigate and if no longer required will be cancelled on report in future.

Request for funding from English Department –  English Intervention Room

Funding required to help decorate room with posters displaying standardised formulae for close reading, critical reading, talking and listening. Approximate costing £250.

Author visit  – Liz Lockhead costing £200 – £250.

Discussed and approved. English department to be informed.

7.       Fundraising

Craft fair raised a total of £2075.  Event had a positive ‘buzz’.   Very well attended.

Future fund raising ideas: Assembly of God to donate profit from their April/May soup and sweet, Bags to School, Sports Day (partnership between PE department and PC).

8.       Strategic Working Group

David Clark is proposing to introduce a new format to PC meetings. Half an hour will be dedicated to Working Group discussions.  A further half hour will be given to full PC discussion/feedback on findings/issues arising from working groups. Rest of Parent Council meeting to be as before.

It is proposed to have 4 working groups

1.                   Ensuring wellbeing, equality and inclusion

2.                   Transition

3.                   Family Learning

4.                   Partnerships

Each group will work through the relevant ‘challenge questions’ from the relevant sections of HIGOS 4 document.

9.       Prize Giving
Rhoda MacDonald requested feedback about the Junior and Senior prize giving.   Various responses were given, both positive and negative. Rhoda will ask the children for feedback and discuss at next meeting.

10.   Correspondence
Aberdeenshire Council have paid PC £540 (yearly payment)

11.   AOCB


Wendy has asked members of PC to look at new website and give feedback to formats she has used. Mr Blizzard would be happy for any PC member to come into school and add to PC page (must use a school website to access).

Feedback required on: what we like about website, is everything is in right place and do we want anything else added to site.

Date of Next Meeting

Monday 18th January 2016