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Fraserburgh Academy, with its rich history dating back to 1870, has long been a cornerstone of education in the town of Fraserburgh. Its origins can be traced to the vision of a local clothier named James Park, who recognized the need for better educational opportunities in the community. With a deep commitment to the town’s future, he set the wheels in motion for the establishment of the academy.

In 1870, Fraserburgh Academy found its first home on Mid Street. The construction of the initial building came at a cost of £2500, a significant sum at the time. Under the leadership of its first headmaster, William McGill, the academy embarked on its journey to provide quality education to the children of Fraserburgh.

As the years passed, the academy’s reputation grew, and so did its student body. By 1903, Robert Lees had taken up the position of rector. However, the Mid Street location was no longer sufficient to accommodate the increasing number of students seeking an education. The rising school roll prompted the decision to construct a new school building on Finlayson Street, at an impressive cost of £7500.

This new facility, which opened its doors on 8 June 1909, marked a significant milestone in Fraserburgh Academy’s history. Dr. Dunn, the H.M. Chief Inspector of Schools, inaugurated the building, and the event was celebrated with a grand procession of 300-400 children following a pipe band from the old Mid Street Academy to the modern and spacious Finlayson Street premises.

Fast forward to the 1950s, and Fraserburgh Academy was facing yet another challenge: it had outgrown its second location. The need for a larger, more modern facility was evident. This led to the construction of the current Fraserburgh Academy building on Dennyduff Road, which was designed to accommodate up to 1500 pupils. Its official opening ceremony, on 20 September 1962, was a momentous occasion attended by H.R.H. the Princess Margaret, accompanied by Lord Snowdon. The new building was a symbol of progress and a testament to the academy’s enduring commitment to providing quality education to the community.

More recently, from 2019 to November 2021, Fraserburgh Academy underwent a transformative £2 million project. This ambitious endeavor aimed to upgrade the school’s facilities and construct a state-of-the-art drama studio. The project not only modernized the campus but also had the significant benefit of bringing the entire school under one roof, enhancing the sense of unity and community among students and staff.

Today, Fraserburgh Academy continues to be a hub of learning and growth, honouring its legacy of providing quality education to generations of students. Its commitment to progress and innovation ensures that it remains a vital institution in Fraserburgh, preparing young minds for a bright future while preserving the rich history that has shaped it over the years.

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